Vegas Appliance Repair Company Updates Commercial Refrigeration Services

Appliance Doctor, a Nevada-based appliance repair services company specializing in everything from refrigerator repair and washer & dryer repair to dishwasher repair and general appliance services, offers premium commercial refrigeration services to Henderson and surrounding Vegas areas, the business remaining dedicated to ensuring the safety of commercial clients’ food products and health of their customers.

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Food Code requires foods be kept at proper storage temperatures prior to use and serving, with federal mandates dictating that internal food temperatures be held at 40-degrees Fahrenheit or below with regard to refrigeration of a commercial type,” explains Appliance Doctor owner and head technician Igor Korzh. “We understand these mandates – as well as the fact that restaurant freezers for foodservice must maintain temperatures of -10 to five degrees Fahrenheit to ensure foods stay frozen without getting them so cold the quality degrades – and as such, Appliance Doctor helps commercial clients sort through options to choose the best ones for their service needs.”

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The advent of refrigeration has allowed businesses and homeowners alike to store foods and beverages for extended periods of time without spoilage, with the commercial sector making strides to keep both prepared foods and meal ingredients cold by removing heat for convenience and safety purposes.

According to experts like Korzh and other Appliance Doctor representatives, maintenance of refrigeration hardware usually isn’t at the top of most restaurant managers’ lists of things to do, but many dangers can occur without preventative maintenance of appliances. Further, when kitchen and grocery store equipment seems to be working properly, it is understandable, say Appliance Doctor reps, that managers/owners may not be thinking about unexpected breakdowns, harmful mold growth and diminishing energy efficiency.

“Even when refrigeration equipment seems to be cooling perfectly, regular preventive maintenance is key to continued success,” adds Korzh. “This is why we specifically inform our commercial clients that refrigeration maintenance saves energy, extends the life of kitchen equipment, improves the safety and quality of food and lowers the risk of costly emergency repairs.”

In addition to the aforementioned information Appliance Doctor reps and technicians routinely share with their customer base, the business also regularly offers refrigeration maintenance tips such as keeping acidic foods like tomatoes and pickles covered tightly, keeping condensers free from dust and dirt and keeping drains clear and unobstructed.

Some of the most common refrigeration problems Appliance Doctor technicians see that lead to repairs include dust and debris clogging up air flow around the refrigerator or getting in the way of the condenser coils; issues with the compressor, fuses and switches that begin to malfunction; Freon leaks; defrost issues and strange noises that demand deeper investigation. In these cases, a technician is normally dispatched for troubleshooting and to determine the right course of action regarding refrigeration repairs.

Appliance Doctor is licensed and insured to work in the state of Nevada and has been providing repairs for members of the community for more than 25 years.

The business is located at 7106 Rusty Nail Way and can be reached by calling (702) 462-8408. For more information visit the above cited website.

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Appliance Doctor

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