Columbus Plumber Company Studies Trends Shaping Water Heater Technology

A Sterling Plumbing and Drains, a Columbus Ohio licensed, bonded and insured plumbing services business specializing in water heater installation, emergency service, drain cleaning, rooter service, water heater repair and general water heater services, has been studying the trends shaping water heater technology, helping customers understand how efficiency, connectivity and regulations are influencing the water heater market in 2021 – and beyond.

“It is vitally important for plumbers and manufacturers to stay on top of changes in trends and technology, and this is exactly what A Sterling is doing when it comes to water heaters,” explains Sterling Boggs of A Sterling Plumbing and Drains. “This happens to be an exciting time in the water heater industry, with many movers and shakers experiencing significant technological advances in a relatively short time span.

“Although the water heater’s basic operation has remained largely unchanged for many decades, recent years have seen many innovations that are changing the footprint and functionality of these appliances; these trends are largely driven by consumer demand and government regulations, and we wish to keep our valued customer base abreast of such advancements when they Google plumber near me.”

First and foremost, says Boggs, water heaters are becoming more efficient across the industry, the trend being driven by both the aforementioned consumer demand and government mandates. The 2015 National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) set new minimum standards for water heaters in the U.S., and coupled with homeowners increasingly choosing more efficient water heaters in record numbers, this legislation, according to A Sterling representatives, has truly changed the direction of the industry.

“Contrary to what seems like popular opinion today, energy efficiency is not limited to so-called tankless water heaters,” adds Boggs. “While it’s true that tankless units are very efficient, modern heaters are more efficient than ever before, with many models meeting Energy Star standards.”

Another trend driving the functionality of water heaters is connectivity, with what is known as the “Internet of Things” having led to the smart home, connecting all aspects of life – from entertainment and lighting to a home’s HVAC systems. According to A Sterling staff, water heaters are not exempt from the Internet of Things, as homeowners are searching for finer control over their spaces; as Boggs himself explains: “Homeowners can save energy and money by setting their water heaters on vacation mode while they are away or setting schedules for times of day with higher demand for hot water.

“If they happen to live in areas with variable electricity rates, they can even control the water heater to offset those costs.”

Because NAECA regulations set new minimum standards for water heater efficiency across America, A Sterling has been taking note of increased government activity at the state and local levels to analyze their renewable energy and decarbonization goals for clients.

“In the coming years, we expect to see these trends impact the water heater industry even further,” concludes Boggs. “Water heaters are already part of the smart home ecosystem, but homeowners can expect deeper integration with other appliances, more connected ability and better efficiency.”

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