After years of development, we could say that 2% of people in the world are already familiar with cryptocurrencies. Compared to Bitcoin, the price of Abstratech is much lower, we could say exaggeratedly lower.

United States, 5th Mar 2022, King News Wire, With a few simple questions, you will be in the right perspective, Would you rather invest in a project that is just a name without a foundation or foundation in the project’s development mission? Oh, would you invest your capital in a project where it is not about going out without a detailed plan and concrete usability of the project? Abstratech has a well defined usability policy and viable phases, one of our solid flags is the humanitarian approach to orphaned children who have no chance in this world. Do you like the idea? I’m sure if. But in addition, our strategy is oriented to blockchain technology, and the creation of applications and platforms aimed at art and social help. We have a clear vision for the future,

 Abstratech knows that its team is important, but we are also aware of the potential of our community, for that reason we will involve our community at every stage, since we firmly believe that a project without the support of its community its days are numbered, that’s why you You will be an important part of the project.

Contract: 0xC47f3710eBFF83Ea75d1122a8fA0422a374791E5

Total Supply: 35,000,000,000,000 Abstract

 Why be part of the project?

Because we bring an innovative, realistic system with unique benefits for humanity in general, since we are resolutely focused on four important aspects: Technology, art, humanitarian aid and environmental aid, we are aware that these four bastions will make our project a unique token .

Abstratech Supply

Contract: 0xC47f3710eBFF83Ea75d1122a8fA0422a374791E5

Total Supply: 35,000,000,000,000 Abstract


The founders of Abstratech have spent years studying the market and investing in it, and as professional traders we have been able to witness and participate in the great mistakes that are made when forming a digital asset or a token, and that is believing that an exaggerated supply It will lead to great profits and no!!! It is so!!!!. Many tokens today do not exceed and will never reach the value of 1 cent, because their capitalization would have to exceed Bitcoin itself to reach a cent and that is without counting the variable of the amount of token they have, that is why according to our road map and learning from the mistakes of large cryptocurrencies today stagnant, we have established a balance that is not perfect, but satisfactorily placed to achieve positions of great benefit in capitalization and market.


We are an innovative project that aims to promote the welfare of affected children in the world who suffer from hunger and misery, it is for this reason that Abstratetech together with its community will be able to achieve the goal of relieving the pain of hundreds thousands of abandoned children and place them in shelters.

How do you feel when you see a child suffer?

The world has lost sensitivity to the suffering of children . Today there are 280 million orphaned children in the world. This causes serious consequences in terms of respect for the rights and development of children.


About 170 million children in the world are orphans.

Around 71 million orphans live in Asia, 59 million in Africa and nearly 9 million in Latin America and the Caribbean.

31 million orphans are in India.

In 2021, there were 25 million AIDS orphans.

HIV kills a father or a mother every 15 seconds.

Consequences of orphanhood

An orphaned boy finds himself alone in a world of adults. Orphans suffer serious violations of most of their rights:

living place:

These children usually live homeless on the street.


An orphaned child is deprived of adequate food.


In most cases, the first thing that is sacrificed is education. Orphans are deprived of access to it.


The condition of orphans is detrimental to their health.

child labor:

Many of these children look for work to escape the difficult situation, but find themselves with the harshness of exploitation.

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