UniPlay Unveils iGaming Play-to-Earn NFTs to Reward Gamers

With these NFTs, UniPlay is making play accessible to everyone, everywhere

Frankfurt, Germany, 6th Mar 2022, King News Wire, UniPlay is combining the play-to-earn gaming model with NFT technology to create a Metaverse that will transform the iGaming industry. At UniPlay, gamers can enjoy a new way to earn while having fun in social gaming platforms. The UniPlay token (UNP) is hosted on the Ethereum mainnet and will be on pre-sale until March 31, with a soft cap of 5,000,000 USD.

The global gaming community includes over 500 million active gamers, traders and creators worldwide. While this community is growing rapidly, some of these gamers live in countries like Qatar, Lebanon, UAE and Poland where playing games of chance is punishable by law. UniPlay is a decentralized return-to-player (RTP) online gaming platform that offers an untraceable means of monetary exchange. As a result, this platform provides a safe environment for gamers in restricted regions. UniPlay is building a highly profitable micro-economy that will create multiple revenue streams for players.

“We’ve built our token – the UniPlay – to function as both a medium of exchange and a tradeable asset that can be exchanged in return for real-world currencies,” says UniPlay CEO Frank Grauperg. “This token powers the economic model that we’ve built and will soon be used to power other gaming platforms and Metaverses. With the UniPlay token, gaming platforms will be able to overcome regulatory challenges like region-specific restrictions on games of chance.”

UNP is an ERC-20 token that will have multiple use cases both within the platform and outside the platform. Since it has no mint or burn functions, and no internal gas fees, UNP is bound to appreciate in value over time. On the UniPlay platform, players can use the token to play games or buy NFTs. The UniPlay token can also be traded on secondary markets. The UniPlay team plans to introduce the UniPlay to other platforms, increasing its tradeable value and ensuring higher returns for token holders. Since the UniPlay token is tradeable in the real world, it’s also perfect for startups that do not trade in cryptocurrency.

Initially, this token will boost access to 140 games on the Social iGaming platform. This platform is a brainchild of Alien Symphony Ltd, which is in turn a subsidiary of PlayPearls Ltd. With over a decade of being a frontrunner in the world of gaming, PlayPearls Ltd. is on a mission to create a microeconomy on the Social iGaming Platform. With its unique features, the UniPlay token makes this possible.

Given the way the UniPlay token is built, this token will create a global gaming community that is adequately incentivized. With access to crypto assets like the UniPlay token and gaming NFTs, UniPlay is rewarding players for their time.

The UniPlay token has passed the Solidity Finance audit. UNP works with metamask.io, atomicwallet.io and trustwallet.com. To enable UNP on these wallets, use this contact address:


About UniPlay

UniPlay is a decentralized online gaming platform where players can earn the UniPlay token as well as NFT rewards for engaging with a variety of play-to-earn games. With the UniPlay token, gamers can play games, buy NFTs or exchange their tokens for fiat currencies. With this platform, UniPlay has created a better way for gamers to play online and earn rewards for their time.

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