Focused on De-Stigmatizing and Upgrading Men’s Health

United States, 8th Mar 2022, King News Wire, Husband and wife entrepreneurs Josh and Katy Whalen, of Denver Colorado, just made men’s health a lot more transparent, easier to discuss, remedied and just upgraded in every way.  With their launch of Blokes, a virtual health company that diagnoses mens’ imbalances virtually through online appointments and subsequently suggests a customized treatment program, the Whalens’ hope to fill a need for proactive men’s healthcare. 

“There was a huge missing piece to proactive men’s health in our society,” said Josh, who founded Blokes with over 14 years in the healthcare space and acts as Chief Executive Officer for Blokes. 

“My goal is to de-stigmatize men talking about losing what can be considered their ‘manhood’ because of bodily imbalances, whether it be muscle loss, energy loss, hair loss, loss of sexual drive or just drive in general. We created Blokes to to help men wake up to what’s happening with their bodies, to fix it, and bring that fire back into their lives.”

Katy is just as passionate about the products and services, saying, “Blokes is a  new way of healthcare, versus ‘sickcare.’ We wanted to take a deep dive, look under the hood, find imbalances and see what can easily be fixed- maybe you’re low in certain vitamins, hormones, peptides, etc.  We were out to find that rocket fuel, that customized formula that helps men feel like their revitalized selves.” 

With news breaking in the last year that the average man’s testosterone levels have dropped significantly- declining for decades at the rate of almost 1% per year since the 1970s- the question is no longer WHY have mens’ testosterone levels fallen so dramatically- but do men even realize that hormones could be the underlying problem to many issues in their life? Men and women alike have reason for concern.

“Here is the truth,” said Katy. “So many things happened and changed during our fertility struggles. Josh had lost interest at the same time that my body had physically changed. I took his lack of interest on internally and thought it was because I had gained weight. It made me feel sad and hurt my self-esteem but also made me angry and resentful.  I think it’s a very hard space for women… as we generally do take other people’s issues and make them ‘our fault.’ 

Blokes hopes to reignite Men’s Health and bring fire and energy back to men, check out for more information.


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