Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Tablets For Drain/Septic System Cleaning Line Updated

This announcement is in line with the company’s commitment to manufacturing products with ecological ingredients that can keep septic systems and drains clear by breaking down household waste, solids, grease, and toilet paper.

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For many years, EcoNow Solutions has focused on products for waste-water treatment facilities, restaurants, ponds, and other commercial purposes. With this company’s new focus on homeowner solutions, consumers can now have the products previously available only as industrial applications.

When a home’s septic or drainage system is not functioning properly, water may drain very slowly or produce gurgling sounds. If the problem gets really bad, the homeowner might notice bad odors, and water and sewage can even back up into the home.

On its website, EcoNow explains that its environmentally friendly, biodegradable Septic Oxy-Tabs and Drain & Pipe Oxy-Tabs provide billions of beneficial bacteria to help break down sludge in pipes or the septic system.

In addition to the bacteria, Oxy-Tabs add oxygen to the drains or tank to help the bacteria grow and perform the task of reducing sludge build-up in the septic system or in pipes and drains.

The oxygen from Oxy-Tabs also helps to eliminate hydrogen sulfide, a substance that has a rotten-egg odor and corrodes pipes and septic walls.

Time-released EcoNow tabs fizz and bubble to spread billions of safe bacteria throughout the septic tank or along pipe and drain walls. Soon any foul odors are gone.

EcoNow says that other products often float at the top of the septic tank and can be expelled quickly. Septic Oxy-Tabs are made to adhere to the tank’s walls, starting at the bottom which makes it very effective.

Now that this company has made products for home use, clients can use the same product for their septic system that was featured in an episode of Designing Spaces entitled “Green Spaces – How to Maintain Your Septic Tank Safely”. This home improvement show chose EcoNow’s Septic Oxy-Tabs because of the product’s innovative technology.

A company spokesperson wrote, “By using EcoNow products, the homeowner can easily and cost-effectively maintain their septic system so as to avoid messy, smelly, and costly back-ups, and treat their drains, pipes, and garbage disposals to remove years of build-up and prevent clogs.”

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