Food Traceability Intelligence – Ingredient/Supply Chain Tracking Service Launch

The newly launched service uses a combination of technology and human efforts to track supply chain data and provide a full snapshot of the environmental and social impact of any ingredient. In today’s socio-economic ecosystem, the people demand accountability, which is exactly what iFoodIQ can provide.

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The new service can be especially useful when sourcing meats and seafood, as those are the products which have the greatest environmental and ecological impact. This can help to meet a growing customer demand to know where their food comes from while also saving money at the same time.

Studies show that as many as 85% of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited and overfished, leading to endangerment and ecological collapse. This has led many customers to stop eating seafood altogether, although ethical and sustainable options are becoming far more common as industry practices improve.

iFoodIQ can help business owners to circumvent the unpleasant business of engaging with these less credible industries altogether by helping them source high-quality sustainable ingredients from the outset. Their team specializes in sleuthing through the supply chain to find out exactly where every morsel originated.

One major upside of the iFoodIQ service is that it grants restaurateurs the ability to tell the story of the food they are serving, which is a proven method to get customers to the table. Their reports place an emphasis on individual labor and the work that went into the product.

Their proprietary tracing system uses a combination of market and auction data to determine the exact location the ingredients were sourced from, all the way down to the square mile. They can also track everything from the facility an ingredient was packaged in to how long it has been in transit, providing vendors the ability to seek out only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

iFoodIQ is pursuing a vision of an accountable, sustainable food industry that values all participants in the supply chain and can ensure fair compensation. They understand the importance of sustainability not just as it relates to the planet, but as it can be used to elevate brand image as well.

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