Jonathan Bautista, Atlanta Recognized for Helping 100 Clients Build Gen, Wealth

Jonathan Bautista of Atlanta is being recognized for helping 100 Entrepreneurs generate passive income streams. This recognition is, in part, a result of Bautista’s work within the Business Strategy, Marketing and E-commerce Management arena. He is recognized for his part as CEO of DFY Diversify in orchestrating resources to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new wealth for DFY’s clients within a single year.

Bautista, a native of Atlanta, has been involved with the Business Strategy, Marketing and E-commerce management world as CEO of DFY Diversify for a little over a year. The company begin during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, when it locked down physical opportunities for people across the world, so he dedicated his life to helping families and investors become sustainable again. In response to a question on the driving force behind his success, Bautista has explained how it really boiled down to the desire to help as many people as possible become successful and gain financial freedom. “Everyone deserves to live a life without having to work ALL the time,” Bautista expressed.

Reflecting on the recognition, Bautista is quoted as saying: “I am so grateful to have the resources to assist our first 100 and I look forward to our next 100 and beyond.”

In a recent one-to-one interview, Bautista reminisced on other past achievements, which helped build momentum towards the present day. Notably, one of his proudest achievements before this business, was building a non-profit bicycle shop inside of the largest homeless shelter in the Southeast. Bautista and his crew gathered resources with a number of businesses and other non-profits to teach homeless men and women, students, and community activists on the mechanical skills of bicycle construction. From even a small donation, they were able to produce transportation for over 80 people within a few short months. This appears to be a precursor to Jonathan’s growth and strategy.

In the same interview, Bautista stated intentions for the future. “The primary goal for the next 12 months,” Bautista states, “will be to provide at least 5 more income streams utilizing e-commerce, Airbnb, and asset management and to onboard 100 new clients for these services.” Looking farther ahead, the ultimate goal for the future is to have systems that generate 100k gross income per month per client and to assist them in establishing charities to reduce their tax burden and support communities around the world.

When asked more personally about how he wants to be perceived and remembered, Bautista said: “I want to be remembered for the positive impact I’ve created for generations of families to come.”

Bautista closed the interview by sharing a little advice for anybody who wanted to follow in his footsteps, or even taking the achievements even further. According to Jonathan Bautista, the key to success is constantly strategizing and developing systems that benefit both the individual and the community. “There will always be branches in the road. When you find them take a moment to clear them that every person behind you has the ability to move forward faster and easier.”

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