Michael R. Hession Releases Infinite Banking Website

Michael Hession, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, has released a new website that focuses on how entrepreneurs can leverage the infinite banking concept to reduce debt and grow longterm wealth. The site is chock full of useful information for entrepreneurs looking to take control of their finances.

Infinite Banking is a method of using a specific type of ultra-safe whole life insurance policies as an alternative to bank financing while simultaneously growing longterm wealth. When done correctly it allows policy holders to harness the power of compound interest while providing significant tax savings.

The Infinite Banking Concept was first introduced by the renowned financial expert R. Nelson Nash in the year 2000. Since then infinite banking has become a popular alternative for entrepreneurs seeking to avoid the pitfalls that come with traditional bank financing.

“I’m very excited about releasing this new website,” said Michael Hession, an entrepreneur and infinite banker himself who was one of Nash’s students and is an Authorized Practitioner of the method. “These policies are incredibly powerful tools in helping people achieve financial freedom. I’m thrilled to be able to help others learn how infinite banking can change their lives like it has mine.”

The Infinite Banking Concept is a money management strategy especially useful for entrepreneurs and business owners. By using a policy to finance their businesses, they can avoid the high interest rates and fees typically associated with bank loans. In addition, the infinite banking strategy can help business owners build longterm wealth and protect themselves from financial ruin in the event of bankruptcy or other unforeseen disasters.

Michael Hession’s website is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about this proven wealth-building strategy. Michael offers a simple, clear three step process for evaluating whether or not infinite banking is a good choice for interested people. The first step of this process is to schedule a short, one-on-one 22 minute discovery call with Michael.

Michael Hession is a recognized expert on the Infinite Banking Concept who has been featured on multiple podcasts. “My job is to help entrepreneurs transform themselves from being victims of a financial system that doesn’t have their best interests at heart into leaders with the tools and knowledge necessary to build the wealth that they deserve. That’s why I created this new website,” explained Hession.

People interested in learning more can visit his new website at www.michaelrhession.com.

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