Sleep Hygiene App For Quality Rest – Circadian Rhythm/Debt Tracking Tool Updated

As more people suffer from sleep deprivation, experts note an increase of people reporting a weakened immune system and other psychological effects such as chronic irritability. Attempting to help more people improve their sleep hygiene to have better days, Rise Science has updated its sleep debt tracking and circadian rhythm app.

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The improved app features several strengthened functions to ease usability. This includes remote tracking of sleep debt, as well as the ability for the app to determine one’s circadian rhythm without the need for a wearable gadget. The team behind the app explain that many people do not want to wear a watch while sleeping, and prefer a mobile sleep hygiene app that works from a distance.

Sleep hygiene is a broad term that describes the healthy behaviors required throughout our days and nights to get sufficient naturalistic sleep. Sleep scientists say that high-quality rest depends on getting sufficient rest to meet our individual sleep “need” as well as ensuring that that rest be as “naturalistic” as possible so as not to impede the healthy, quality sleep our brains want to give us. When we don’t get the rest we need, we accrue “sleep debt” – or the measurement of sleep we need to “pay back” to feel and function our best during the day.

This is what differentiates Rise Science from the rest. Other apps either only count how much sleep one gets on a day to day basis or how many sleep cycles their body goes through. None determines sleep debt, which requires a longer-term (14 day) tracking horizon. The goal of Rise is to help more people keep their sleep debt low to keep their energy high.

The app also assesses one’s personal circadian rhythm. According to chronobiology, each person has a distinctive rhythm, which also determines when they should sleep and for how long. By understanding one’s circadian rhythm, one can make the necessary changes to their sleep hygiene to keep their sleep debt low.

The app can be downloaded in Google Play or the Apple store.

A satisfied customer wrote, “I’ve been using RISE for months now and I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my sleep. Not only do I feel more refreshed every day, but I am more active, focused, and happy in my work. Thank you, Rise Science, for this app.”

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