Maskless Laser Photolithography | Microstructuring Lithography Device Launched

MIDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems (MIDALIX) has recently debuted DaLI, a portable table-top system specifically designed to perform maskless lithography. The device works on all standard types of photoresists and can create microstructures even on irregular substrates.

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The introduction of DaLI is a boon to scientists and R&D teams around the world, as it allows for rapid product development without the need to create new photomasks. This eliminates delays and greatly increases an operation’s cost savings.

Furthermore, the device is easy to use, thanks to an intuitive software that can be used on any desktop. Even when not connected to a PC, the software, which features a built-in CAD library, allows the user to design or modify patterns, making the prototyping process more flexible.

DaLI combines acousto-optic deflectors, thermal stabilization, and sophisticated software algorithms to guide a UV laser to illuminate patterns with nanometer precision. According to the company, this high level of accuracy makes its invention ideal for scientific processes involved in complex structures.

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MIDALIX explained that the introduction of DaLI is timely, as interest in nano- and submicron-scale science is climbing annually. Market research firm IMARC shares this sentiment, stating that the global lithography industry could exhibit a 4.8% growth between 2022 and 2027.

The area of maskless lithography is also expected to achieve the same level of growth. Precision Reports, in its latest forecast, said that the industry will reach a value of $497.1 million in 2028 from only $306.4 million in 2021.

MIDALIX is confident of the value of DaLI to a number of other scientific fields, including material science, biophysics, micro-electromechanical systems, and microfluidics.

“Mankind has always strived to improve the tools to achieve the goal that ensured their success faster and more efficiently,” the company stated on its website. “From simple tools evolved devices, and from them complex intelligent systems. Our goal is to equip scientists with systems which allow them to do science, not only experiments.”

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MIDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems

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