CO2Lift Announces Release of a New Dermarolling System That Protects and Heals the Skin

There are many skincare products on the market, with new products being introduced regularly. When a new product is released, people often rush to buy it hoping it will become their next miracle solution for healthy, youthful, and beautifully looking skin. There is a lot of promise out there, but not all of it delivers.

Lumisque Skincare is dedicated to providing products that not only create the desired results but are also affordable. The company has released tens of skincare items to show their commitment to this goal, and they recently announced the release of a new dermarolling system to its fleet of products as part of steps to providing affordable skincare products for men and women.

The new DermaRoller System is a state-of-the-art microneedling kit that includes a .55mm needle system and three CO2Lift treatment masks. When combined with CO2Lift’s Carboxytherapy, the DermaRoller system is potent in helping to protect and heal the skin from a variety of prevalent skin diseases. As an innovative product from Lumisque Skincare–a brand that customers can depend on for quality products–the DermaRoller system is an ideal option for anyone concerned about the enhancement of their skin’s health.

Speaking about the Dermarolling system, Lana Kerr, the founder of Lumisque Skincare had this to say, “Dermarolling is not invasive as it causes micro-injuries to the skin that might cause superficial bleeding and minor discomfort temporarily. That’s why the DermaRoller includes three CO2Lift masks to enhance your body’s natural healing process. The CO2Lift mask uses Carboxytherapy technology to infuse your skin with carbon dioxide. This increases blood flow to the area, which encourages skin repair.”

Carboxytherapy is the therapeutic use of CO2 gas to regenerate the tissue in the skin. When the gel is mixed, co2 gas is formed and the gel holds the gas into the skin. The body responds by rushing oxygen-rich blood to the area applied. This will bring, nutrition, hydration and remove waste from the skin, leaving the skin brighter, more hydrated, and smoother.

After using the dermarolling system, users are expected to apply the CO2Lift mask to the treated area according to the enclosed directions, where it protects and heals the resulting micro-punctures. The dermaroll system is guaranteed to be a valuable addition to any skin therapy and treatment pack. It is designed to improve the health of the skin, providing immediate results and benefits.

As the CO2Lift product line expands, Lumisque Skincare is poised to become a renowned Florida-based brand, providing skincare solutions around the world. The CO2Lift line offers a complete solution for the skin and presents a bundle of effective skincare products, including the Carboxy Gel Treatment, the CO2Lift V, the Defend Hyaluronic Serum, the Glow Facial Oil and the Carboxy Mousse Moisturizer.

“The CO2LIFT line gets you to your goal of healthy, hydrated, and young skin fast,” explained Lana Kerr. “You can also maintain your results with a simple regular routine. It’s effective, it’s painless and fast-acting.”

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CO2Lift ( is an online retailer specializing in cosmetics to rejuvenate the skin and combat the effects of aging. It is a brand of Lumisque Skincare based in Weston, Florida, which has taken an innovative approach to Carboxytherapy, offering revolutionary carbon dioxide therapy treatments.

The CO2Lift provides only proven medical-grade and topical Carboxytherapy treatments that doctors recommend. In addition, their kits allow individuals to access the benefits of Carboxytherapy from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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