San Mateo NAD+ IV Injection Therapy For Opioid Addiction: Treatment Updated

The recently introduced treatment is available as part of Casa Santa Isabel’s range of natural medicine solutions for opioid and alcohol addiction. NAD+ IV therapy has been shown in preliminary clinical trials to reduce the intensity and duration of withdrawal symptoms in order to aid other rehabilitative techniques.

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This NAD+ treatment has been included in the center’s regimen to complement other holistic medicine and detoxifying treatment methods. Patients undergoing the course of treatment often need assistance with pain and withdrawal management, a role which NAD+ has been added to fill.

Alongside this therapy, the center also offers a treatment utilizing Ibogaine, a natural detoxifying substance that many addicts have recognized as an important stepping stone on the road to recovery. Casa Santa Isabel provides a safe, peaceful environment to administer its treatments and better manage the ongoing process of recovery in its patients.

The center takes on a holistic approach to addiction treatment, giving patients access to their luxury facility at an affordable price. Casa Santa Isabel employs a team of caregiving experts who are highly trained in pain management, crisis assistance, and in the administration of Ibogaine and their other treatments.

The central mission of Casa Santa Isabel is to facilitate partially guided recovery paths for their patients, encouraging personal development and growth in an environment where withdrawal can be carefully monitored and managed. Their treatments are intended for opioid and alcohol abusers but may be useful for other addictive behaviors as well.

A representative for the drug rehab center says, “Research has proven that a single dose of Ibogaine can significantly end withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings and significantly reduce addictive behaviors. No conventional method is capable of ending cravings as fast as Ibogaine. This is the primary reason for relapse and the low success rate of conventional rehab methods.”

Baja Malibu Rosarito, Mexico-based Casa Santa Isabel is currently accepting new patients, with the promise of complete on-site care that will last as long as the patient feels is necessary to prevent relapse. Their private, serene location is designed to facilitate growth and healing, all while in the comfort and care of their understanding staff.

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