Antibacterial Homemade DIY Essential Oil Blends For Germ Season Guide Released

Jennifer Lane, a certified aromatherapist, continues to update Loving Essential Oils with an ongoing library of essential oil mixture recipes and DIY tips. Her latest guide focuses on blends that can help counter seasonal threats like the cold and the flu by way of their natural capabilities for battling germs.

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The new guide, released in advance of winter, contains a list of 12 antibacterial essential oils specifically chosen for their cleansing properties. Combining the medicinal effects of natural flowers and herbs, Loving Essential Oils describes such blends as immensely beneficial over the coming months.

Loving Essential Oils cites long-running research pointing to the potential defenses that essential oils provide against antibiotic-resistant bugs. As stated in its new guide, homemade recipes serve as an affordable means of providing individuals and families with readily-available germ protection. Through the correct application, they can cleanse people and the air around them.

Among others, the latest Loving Essential Oils guide lists tea tree, eucalyptus, clove, and oregano oils as suitable blends for fighting bacteria. Containing a host of antiviral and antiseptic ingredients, Lane notes that her chosen mixtures also offer benefits such as toothache relief, deodorizing effects, and more. They can also be utilized as sprays or diffusers.

To further assist her readers, Lane has made a list of easily-accessible recipes that can be created at home. With drops of essential oils ranging from rosemary and lavender to lemon and cinnamon bark, her recent guide says that such blends provide a continuous source of added protection against sickness.

Crucially, the new Loving Essential Oils guide also advises that homemade essential oils make for a safer, cleaner alternative to store-bought, manufactured cleaning agents.

It elaborates: “People often purchase chemical-laced cleaners as a way to get rid of germs, but they could be doing more harm than good. You can use natural essential oils to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Essential oils are powerful in fighting pathogens, leading some researchers to believe that they can inhibit the growth and development of certain bacteria types.”

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