Delta-8 THC Brand Awareness Guide

STR8 Pure Delta-8 THC uses the innovative, safe, clean R134a extraction method to produce potent delta-8 THC for disposable vape pens.

Delta-8 THC disposable vape pens have become wildly popular. However, many people do have concerns about the safety of delta-8 THC disposable vape pens. It’s true; some methods of delta-8 extraction leave behind harmful chemical residue. But, there is one method that does not.

Companies that use the R134a extraction method, like STR8 Pure Delta-8 THC, produce clean, residue-free delta-8 products. This method has full-spectrum delta-8 with no chemical residue. Moreover, STR8 only uses organically-grown hemp so that all users will get a clean, light high when they vape or enjoy an STR8 gummy.

The R134a extraction method uses tetrafluoroethylene gas, commonly used in air conditioning units. Studies have shown that this gas is generally safe to inhale. Furthermore, the delta-8 extracted is a water-soluble nanoemulsion for easy absorption.

Also, the safe, clean R134a extraction method leaves all of the terpenes intact. Terpenes act together to create a unique experience known as the “entourage effect.” While terpenes do not affect the strength of the high, they add to the flavor, quality, and beneficial side effects. For example, terpene myrcene can help reduce anxiety, and limonene adds to alertness. The unique combination of terpenes in each hemp strain creates an entourage effect.

An STR8 company spokesperson remarked that “the R134a extraction method preserves the genuine, unique flavor and experience of cannabis. Plus, it may produce a safer product for our customers.”

The high from Str8 Delta-8 THC live resin is light, clear, and alert. It’s a euphoric high that won’t lock users to the couch. Also, if using marijuana causes someone to feel paranoid or anxious, it’s unlikely that delta-8 will. Instead, users generally feel calm and mellow, ready to take on the day.

People curious about trying delta-8 should only buy gummies and delta-8 THC disposable vape pens made with the R134a extraction method. This ensures a cleaner, safer product. It also ensures full-spectrum delta-8 that features the full entourage effect. It’s also easier to absorb and produces a faster high.

However, delta-8 THC is not legal in every state. Before anyone orders delta-8 THC disposable vape pens or gummies from STR8 Pure Delta-8 THC, ensure that these products are legal.

STR8 takes pride in the safety and quality of its delta-8 THC products. To learn more about the innovative R134a delta-8 extraction process, click here:

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