Joy Walraven Launches the Extraordinary and Highly Acclaimed “LoveJoy Journeys”

Toronto’s beloved top-rated healer, Joy Walraven, launched the world’s first holistic mind, body, and spirit healing tool called “The LoveJoy Journeys”.

This extraordinary product takes people on a gentle, guided journey to embody their most evolved selves, and live a deeply fulfilled life of love and joy.

Joy has invented the world’s first unified system of Intuitive Art, Oracle Cards, Channeled Messages, Powerful Plant Essences, and Integration Activities to bring the mind, body, and soul into perfect harmony and alignment with the purest Universal frequency of Love.

The special calming daily rituals help people live happy lives by healing emotionally, clearing generational pain and old bad habits, releasing the past, finding forgiveness, finding joy in everything even in bad situations, attracting love, opening themselves to new great experiences, attracting good people into their life, increasing their focus, increasing their confidence and self-esteem, becoming empowered to take action and achieve their dreams, and manifesting their desires.

Her perfectly balanced mixture of essential oils and insightful Oracle cards, aids people to heal from generational pain, and changes their negative self-image into a joyful, healthy, positive self-image. The oils and daily rituals help to re-write the old stories that keep people from being their most vibrant selves.

Joy’s unique combination of plant essences and rituals, helps people tune into their inner sense of self-worth and up-level their connection to the frequency of Love.

In accordance with the Law of Attraction, once a person is in sync with the Universal vibration of Love, amazing things begin to happen in their life.

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About Joy Walraven

Joy Walraven is a highly acclaimed healer, teacher, clairsentient, mystic, herbalist, and pain relief expert. She has been helping thousands of people discover joy and transform their bodies, minds, and lives for well over a decade.

Joy is a registered acupuncturist and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, craniosacral therapist, and energy worker. Additionally, she is a Wikipedia Editor and a Contributor at Academia.

In 2019, Joy was rated the #1 Best Acupuncturist in Toronto, and won the Diamond award in the Toronto Star Reader’s Choice Awards. She is also one of the few members accepted into the prestigious global Agency Of Healers.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, Joy is consistently ranked as one of the top healers in Toronto.

“Joy is compassionate, knowledgeable, and very skilled. She is one of the few holistic health practitioners that I have encountered with experience effectively treating PTSD. The benefits that I have received from being under her care have far exceeded my expectations!” One of her clients said about her experience being treated by Joy.

Her in-depth study of essential oils, vast knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and her lifelong passion for developing unique tools for personal growth inspired her to set out on the journey to create her unique LoveJoy Collection.

Born with a rare facial deformity that resulted in 6 reconstructive surgeries, 2 decades of chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, and a near-death experience, Joy made it her mission to find the solution how to transcend her pain and live a vibrant, healthy, happy life.

After discovering the path to light, health, and the key to living a deeply fulfilled life, she has made it her mission to bring healing and joy to the world.

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