The 2 Types Of Leads Loan Officers Should Focus On Most Now

Most mortgage brokers are aware of the problems in the market currently, but so many still don’t know exactly how to deal with them.

Current data shows that there are two types of borrowers that are still viable even in high-rate environments. Brandon Robertson, the CEO at Mortgage Growth System, says their mortgage marketing and mortgage lead generation clients are still seeing great returns by hyper-focusing their marketing on this often-overlooked subset.

Brandon said, “Most loan officers are so used to doing things the way they have been for years, that they’re finding it hard to transition to viable mortgage lead marketing because they’re largely unaware of what’s still working. Many even incorrectly assume nothing’s working right now.”

His recommendation to mortgage professionals is to double-down on marketing stating that it’s the long-term strategies that are going to help MLOs survive and position themselves to be out in front of their competitors when rates and home inventory return to a more normal state.

Brandon also confesses, “I realize it’s tough right now. When your income has dropped, it’s hard to feel comfortable investing in marketing until things get better, but that’s like saying I’m not going to diet and exercise until I start losing weight.”

His fundamental belief is that tough markets are a good thing for loan officers who are willing to be resilient and fearless, stating “That not giving up is key right now. Having a stick-with-it mindset and taking action will pay huge dividends down the road. Business history has always shown this to be true, no matter what the industry.”

But he goes on to say, “While mortgage brokers need to understand income is just going to be lower right now, they don’t have to be in a position where nothing is closing because all of their borrowers are delaying the process.”

His data based on tens of thousands of leads being generated monthly shows that the two categories of leads that are still closing are Non-QM leads who need real estate investment products and first-time home buyers.

“The reason Non-QM borrowers and first-time home buyers are still getting loans in this environment is simple. First-time home buyers just aren’t very rate sensitive and buying a home is still a better option than renting. Many of them don’t even realize rates are considerably higher right now”, Brandon points out. “And Non-QM borrowers need these loans to continue with business. They’re not going to let real estate investment opportunities slip by, especially considering real estate is one of the only things people can safely invest in right now.:

The CEO realizes a lot of brokers don’t know how to find these types of leads easily and recommends utilizing social media of all types to help get their message out to prospects. One of the best ways is with online advertising, which his company provides to 100’s of loan officers.

Brandon even has a website page specifically addressing the topic in hopes of helping as many MLOs as possible.

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