Joy Of Living Podcast | Loving Life Episode With Mentor Adam Markel Launched

The purpose of the new episode is to encourage listeners to ask themselves whether they love their life and if they are living life to the fullest. As such, the episode is called ‘Do you love your life?’ and features Barry Shore in conversation with Adam Markel, who is known across the United States as the Master of Mentoring.

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The release of the latest The Joy of Living Podcast episode coincides with new scientific research that has been published on Happify and a number of online happiness platforms. The latest research shows that while happiness and satisfaction with one’s life are the result of a complex interrelation of factors, every individual is able to control at least 40% of their happiness.

This means that when a person is asked the question of whether they love their life, they might have more control over the answer than they think.

With this in mind, Barry Shore asks Markel about his transformative life coaching and mentoring practices and, in particular, his well-known motto, which is: “Love YOU, life.” The principle that underpins this motto is the law of small changes, the understanding that everyone can implement small changes to make a huge difference in their overall levels of life satisfaction and happiness.

The podcast also covers resilience. In a recent report from Forbes, their researchers explained that resilience training reduces average depression symptoms by as much as 44%. Shore and Markel agree that resilience is a way to not only recover from life’s challenges but to use these challenges to reorient and improve one’s self.

For those listeners who are looking for actionable tools to follow in order to live a more joyful and full life, Markel also introduces his patented four steps to building a wonderful world and his most important self-care rituals.

Barry Shore, The Ambassador of Joy, is a mental health advocate, author, and popular podcaster. On this week’s episode of The Joy of Living Podcast, he is in conversation with Adam Merkel who is an esteemed mentor and the host of his own podcast The Conscious PIVOT.

A spokesperson for Barry Shore said, “Because this one life is precious, don’t let instances of despair and worry steal it away. Our message is to continually urge our audience to live life to the fullest.”

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