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The non-invasive treatment recently expanded by Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine uses Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) to relieve pain caused by common sports injuries.

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Though musculoskeletal conditions are often considered difficult to treat without causing pain, or having extended healing times, recent advances in medical science are making it easier to provide treatment without the unpleasant side effects. Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine’s new treatment, also known as Shockwave Therapy, is fully approved by the FDA and is commonly used in Europe to treat injuries such as frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis.

The treatment does not require anesthesia, and the majority of patients can resume their daily activities immediately following the procedure. Though treatments will vary based on the health of the patient and the condition being treated, a typical session often lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and many patients require several sessions depending on the severity of the injury.

The non-surgical and non-invasive procedure uses acoustic pressure waves that penetrate into the body without breaking the skin, to increase blood circulation and speed up the body’s natural healing process. While the treatment is often described as “not pleasant,” most patients believe that it feels no worse than the injury it is treating, and patients frequently feel near instant pain relief when the procedure is over.

A recent study found that EPAT therapy was more effective at eliminating pain in physical therapy patients than cortisone injections, though the study only followed patients for the first 12 weeks of their therapy. Shockwave therapy is known for having very few side effects, though some patients may experience minor pain or swelling in the treated area.

While EPAT therapy can be highly effective, it will not work for all musculoskeletal conditions; patients should consult with a specialist at Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine to see if EPAT therapy is a good fit for their condition.

More information about Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine near West Lake Hills, TX, shockwave therapy, and EPAT technology can be found at https://spinalrehabsportsmedicine.com

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