Former Radiohead Creative Director Dilly Gent Directs 1st Base Runner’s “Dark Drive Through the Canyon’ Music Video

Night Stalker cover artwork by Matt Needle

In Dilly Gent’s 16 years as Radiohead’s Creative Director, she crafted their narrative by commissioning all of their music videos and photography, as well as their visual content.

Los Angeles, California Nov 18, 2022 ( – Director Dilly Gent (former Radiohead creative director) filmed Tim Husmann of 1st Base Runner sitting high on a box inside a convertible while driving around Long Beach in the new “Dark Drive Through the Canyon” music video. His instructions were to remain statue still, despite cold conditions and the fact that he had just filmed his underwater music video, Man Overboard, earlier that day. He most definitely became ill. He most definitely had the ride of his life. As such, Dilly Gent remains the Creative Director of the 1st Base Runner project indefinitely. Along with Stephen James Moore of Independent Music Promotions and visionary art director Matt Needle, the small team continues to prove the antiquated music industry can be circumvented by artists who truly want to make art.

Our character remains stoic and unmoving in contrast to the alien city landscape of Long Beach, suspended as an observer of a destination only he can see. The eerie, pulsing electronic soundscape pulls him through a dark drive like a puppet on a string. Will he relent upon arrival? Ominous and other-worldly, 1st Base Runner looks unphased in the passenger seat as the sky changes around him and the city lights flicker to the pulsing music as if foreshadowing a pending cataclysmic event. And yet, throughout the strange, dreamscape-like visual, there is an all-pervasive sense of peace and acceptance amidst the frenetic, almost alien surroundings.

There is no doubt that the 1st Base Runner project will continue to turn heads in 2023 with a showcase at SXSW and two more upcoming releases. Following a prolific string of 4 EP releases, all within a 2-year stretch, 1st Base Runner recently released his 5th EP “Night Stalker”, and it’s easily his darkest and most cinematic work yet. Ambient, experimental, and downright spine-chilling, this is the vital sound of an artist following his own muse with no compromise. Lock your doors and kill the lights before exploring this visceral collection.

As a uniquely perceptive creative director, Dilly Gent has a knack for scouting and overseeing top-level creative talent. An indispensable guiding force thanks to her innate ability to visualize beyond the obvious and her holistic view of media outreach. A go-to name in the alternative/indie rock community and a fierce champion of the environment.

Dilly Gent came to London’s Parlophone Records in 1992 at the same time as a freshly-signed Radiohead. For 17 years she worked with the group as creative director facilitating a host of iconic music videos. She also served as a producer on the band’s Grammy-nominated surreal documentary film ‘Meeting People is Easy’ which captured the band during their zeitgeist moment, OK Computer.

Dilly’s love of capturing bands in authentic spaces led her to co-create the ‘From the Basement’ television series with producer Nigel Godrich. The hostless show took the era’s preeminent talents and showcased their raw essence from the comfort of the studio environment. The likes of The White Stripes, PJ Harvey, Beck, and Thundercat gave intimate performances in a setting that put a special focus on the execution of their craft.

Emboldened by a sense of guardianship inspired by her son Lok, Dilly has sought out projects which espouse environmental protection. She helmed the creation of 61 short films for Al Gore‘s ‘Live Earth’ campaign. The project enlisted a host of directors from around the world to give their own unique spin on the many challenges facing our planet.

1st Base Runner photo by Heather GildroyDilly Gent1st Base Runner photo by Heather Gildroy

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