Manifesting Guide With Subliminal Messaging For Goal-Oriented Seniors Launched

The recently launched manifesting guide uses subliminal messaging to help students internalize their goals. Made for seniors, the guide gives practical tips to make manifestation and meditation easier to incorporate into their daily lives.

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The release of Meditating Human’s new manifesting guide coincides with an article published by the National Institute of Aging that discusses the challenges that seniors face. According to the report, depression, anxiety, and general feelings of worthlessness are very common in seniors because they no longer feel like they are a contributing member of society.

To maintain their mental health and allow them to thrive in their post-retirement years, Meditating Human encourages elders to practice manifestation. This combines spiritual, emotional, and psychological techniques that condition and motivate people to achieve their goals.

Meditating Human has combined ancient Buddhist techniques and modern psychological strategies like goal-setting and visualization to create a guide that is applicable in the modern setting. For example, manifestation in the traditional sense requires hours of spiritual cleansing, chanting, and avoidance of violence, including eating meat. The online course recognizes that this is difficult in a modern scenario, so it makes several adjustments to the practice to make it easier for elders to incorporate it into their routine.

Subliminal messaging is another technique that the manifestation guide offers. This type of internalization requires seniors to create subliminal, or unconscious, guides that will help keep them accountable to their goals. This is a “brain hack” that has been proven to increase productivity in individuals of all ages.

Mastering subliminal messaging takes plenty of time and preparation in the beginning, but once the habit has been established, it becomes a self-sufficient process that requires little to no effort. Meditating Human explains that seniors must prepare their environment and surround themselves with items that remind them of their goals. These can be in the form of mood boards, manifestation walls, or even a journal that they regularly update.

For example, if their goal is to become fitter and more mobile, they can read and collect fitness magazines, surround themselves with photos and encouraging words about working out, and make the equipment easily accessible. By doing so, they are making it easier to remember their goals and to work towards them regularly.

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