Simplify Co-Curricular Activities Management with PSUG Asia’s PowerSchool Plugin

Co-curricular activities play a vital role in the overall development of students. They provide opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build relationships with their peers. However, managing these activities can be a challenging task for schools, particularly when it comes to tracking attendance, managing registrations, and keeping students, parents, and teachers informed.

This is where PSUG Asia Co-Curricular Activities Plugin for PowerSchool comes into play. This plugin is embedded inside PowerSchool which streamlines the management of co-curricular activities and makes it easy for schools to keep track of all aspects of these activities, from registration to attendance tracking. The plugin integrates seamlessly with PowerSchool, eliminating the need for manual processes and multiple systems. With the PSUG Asia Co-Curricular Activities Plugin, schools can:

1. Streamline the registration process: Schools can set up online registration forms for co-curricular activities inside PowerSchool, making it easy for students and parents to sign up.

2. Keep track of attendance: The plugin makes it simple to track attendance for each co-curricular activity, allowing schools to ensure that students are participating as expected.

3. Keep everyone informed: The plugin includes features like the ability for homeroom teachers to check which of their students are attending which activity for the day. By utilizing the capabilities of PowerTeacher, coaches can send out reminders and updates to students, parents, and teachers, ensuring that everyone is kept informed about important dates and events.

The PSUG Asia Co-Curricular Activities Plugin makes it easy for schools to manage co-curricular activities efficiently and effectively. With the plugin, schools can save time and effort, while also providing students with a more enjoyable and fulfilling co-curricular experience.

If athletics directors are looking for a solution to manage co-curricular activities in their school, take a look at PSUG Asia Co-Curricular Activities Plugin for PowerSchool. Watch a demo video here for Public Portal side. Get in touch with PSUG Asia ( to learn more and schedule a demo today!


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