Blue Light-Filtering Glasses To Prevent Macular Degeneration: Selection Updated

The expansion includes a wider range of computer glasses and designer frames that customers can choose from to add a blue light-filtering coating to. Eyewear Insight also offers a variety of customization options, allowing individuals to build a pair of glasses to their specifications.

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Eyewear Insight’s latest selection update comes as extended amounts of screen time are becoming the norm. With the prevalence of mobile devices in daily life and jobs that require long hours of computer work, many individuals are becoming increasingly exposed to blue light.

Excessive amounts of blue light can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and macular degeneration, a disease that can lead to permanent loss of eyesight, explains Eyewear Insight. Studies have also shown that blue light suppresses melatonin production, which can result in sleep loss. The retailer says that it’s important for individuals, particularly shift workers and employees who work long hours on the computer, to protect their eyes from blue light.

As such, customers who order glasses from Eyewear Insight’s online storefront can select blue light coating as an add-on. This coating can be added to any style of glasses, with only glasses with polarized lenses or photochromic coating being the exceptions.

Although this type of coating is widely available in many eyewear stores, standard blue light-blocking glasses typically have an orange tint that also blocks out other wavelengths of light. Eyewear Insight’s anti-blue light coating differs from commercial options by being a clear coating that exclusively filters out blue light. This allows red and green light to pass through, both of which are beneficial to the eye.

Eyewear Insight also offers clients a number of customization options for their glasses, allowing them to adjust the thickness of the lenses and choose from various designer frames and other add-ons. Anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and UV coatings are included with every order by default.

The expansion of Eyewear Insight’s line of blue light-blocking glasses goes in line with the retailer’s dedication to improving customers’ ocular health. The company remains committed to ensuring that quality eyewear is accessible to all, offering high-quality glasses to its customers.

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