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Bliss Crystals, an online crystal and jewelry store, has released a report detailing the amethyst gemstone’s properties, potential benefits, and more. The website sells a wide array of crystals and gemstones, both in their natural free-form state and in jewelry, and hosts vast information on their meanings and various uses.

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The new report aims to provide individuals interested in crystals and gemstones with detailed information to help them understand how best to use the quartz and learn about its properties, meaning, and colors.

Amethyst is one of the world’s most popular gemstones. It has been used for thousands of years, with traces of it employed as a healing stone by ancient Greeks. According to the report, “Amethyst can occur in a sparkling array of purples, orchids, incandescent mauve-lavenders, bluish-violets, and even black crystals.”

The durable gemstones can be found in South American countries like Brazil and Uraguay and African countries like Zambia, Namibia, and Tanzania, as well as Australia, Sri Lanka, and the Far East. “The fact that there are gigantic deposits in Africa and South America, this crystal is now widely accessible and available all over the world,” the report states.

Amethyst is generally considered a healing gemstone, proffering “wisdom, tranquility, and clarity.” The report states that amethyst has the ability to calm anger, reduce mental stress and negativity, and improve focus, intuition, and memory.

The meaning of amethyst comes from its ancient Greek root, the name amethystos, which translates to ‘not intoxicated.’ The name came from their belief that the stone has grounding effects and would prevent users from becoming drunk.

This belief is synonymous with its uses today but in a more profound sense. “This stone has the capacity to aid you through difficult transitions in life that can feel really lonely… but this beautiful and serene crystal can provide a safe foothold to start, and a calming frequency to ground yourself with,” the report says.

The report also highlights other potential benefits of amethyst, its uses as a birthstone, and other crystals in the amethyst family tree.

With this announcement, Bliss Crystal remains committed to providing in-depth information on the various properties and meanings behind their vast collection of crystals and gemstones to help interested individuals learn and understand what stones are best suited to them and their unique needs.

A company spokesperson said: “We experience crystals as energetic gem ‘flowers’ that are indelibly stamped with millions of years of growth. Our mission at Bliss Crystals is to showcase the beauty and variety of authentic crystals to the world.”

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