St. Louis, MO Quit Smoking Hypnosis Service Expanded

Mental Impact Hypnosis, a certified hypnotist that specializes in helping people quit smoking in St. Louis, MO has announced the expansion of their services. They have added a technique for helping smokers not care about cravings. This technique uses six simple questions to help smokers re-frame the way they think and feel about the cravings they experience.

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Smoking is one of the most difficult habits for people to give up due to strong cravings and psychological addiction; however Mental Impact Hypnosis offers an innovative solution that can help even long-term smokers kick the habit once and for all.

Utilizing powerful hypnotherapy techniques combined with a special neurological clearing process, their approach helps clients change how they think and feel about smoking. This allows them to no longer have negative associations with it or fear its presence in their lives.

Unlike traditional quit smoking programs which rely heavily on willpower, Mental Impact Hypnosis takes an all-natural approach that uses hypnotherapy to address the core of the problem. Clients will gain insight into their subconscious triggers, enabling them to overcome cravings with ease and permanently quit smoking.

The new six questions re-framing technique used by Mental Impact Hypnosis is designed specifically around helping clients change how they think and feel about cravings and other negative emotions associated with quitting smoking. This allows them to develop healthier attitudes towards being a non-smoker as well as giving them control over their behaviors even if they have a craving or withdrawal symptoms.

Re-framing is a powerful technique not limited to cravings and quitting smoking, and once this new technique is learned it can be used by clients on their own. It can be used for many different areas of life and empower people to take control of their habits and thoughts in order to manage them more effectively and live healthier lives.

As word continues to spread about Mental Impact Hypnosis’s effective approach towards quitting smoking, an increasing number of smokers from St Louis and beyond are finding hope in the practice’s unique program. David Hoffman the founder of Mental Impact Hypnosis is proud to be making a difference in the lives of people looking for help with their smoking habit.

To learn more about Mental Impact Hypnosis and their services visit them online at:

Mental Impact Hypnosis
111 W Port Plaza Dr., Suite 602

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