Northgate Accident & Injury clinic, a Premier Seattle Chiropractor, Corrects Spinal Misalignments with Manual Adjustments and Personalized Treatments

Seattle, WA – Visiting a chiropractor yields many benefits that dramatically improve a person’s emotional and physical well-being. Yet, many people see a chiropractor when they have limited mobility or can no longer tolerate pain symptoms. Chiropractors can catch problems early and recommend personal medical solutions. Northgate Accident & Injury clinic offers natural and affordable chiropractic treatments that improve quality of life thanks to the knowledge and skills of Dr. Trevor Nabholz. As a licensed and board-certified car accident chiropractor, he’s well-practiced at treating patients injured at work, on the road, or in other settings requiring physical exertion. He’s also well-connected in the local medical community with orthopedists, radiologists, neurologists, physiatrists, and other specialists to work collaboratively to offer high-quality care.

Compared to traditional orthopedic treatments like medication or surgery, people are starting to recognize the benefits of new alternatives to help them achieve and maintain optimal health. Chiropractic care treats individuals experiencing aching joints or muscle soreness, affecting their ability to get through the day or perform at work, in the gym, or on the field. It also maintains healthy spine and joint function even if patients don’t have pain or decreased mobility symptoms. A chiropractor treats musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions like back/neck pain, whiplash, overuse/overexertion injuries, sports-related injuries, headaches/migraines, and arthritis.

When patients attend a chiropractic examination, Dr. Trevor conducts a thorough medical history, examines vital signs, and inspects the body for spinal curves/joint health indicators. He uses his hands to feel the spine/muscles/soft tissues and performs neurological/orthopedic examinations. Dr. Trevor may recommend other diagnostic tests or give a differential/working diagnosis based on his observation. From there, he explains his findings, the history of the diagnosis, its resolution, and the treatment options available. Once completed, the chiropractic care specialist does spinal manipulation/adjustment using his hands to apply controlled force to joints. The purpose of a spinal adjustment is to restore mobility while alleviating pain/muscle tightness and allowing the tissues to heal.

Although some patients experience mild soreness or discomfort following treatment, it usually resolves within 12-48 hours. Besides spinal manipulation, Dr. Trevor may employ cold therapy, therapeutic massages, mobilization techniques, stretching, drop-piece table methods, joint bracing/taping, and exercises. He may also recommend activity modification, lifestyle changes, orthotics, or integrative medicine experts to improve/maintain nutrition or counseling.

At Northgate Accident & Injury clinic, the staff knows that patients don’t have time to wait for an appointment to open up when they are in pain or need immediate treatment after an accident. For this reason, they offer same-day appointments six days out of the week. Dr. Trevor also documents trauma caused by vehicles or work-related machinery/activities for patients desiring to pursue legal action, improve their health, or receive additional medical attention.

To schedule a free initial consultation, visit their website or call (206) 420-3531. The Northgate Accident & Injury clinic is at 10564 5th Ave NE, Ste 402, Seattle, WA, 98125, USA.

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