Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic Announces TMS Therapy To Treat Depression

Following the recent announcement, Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic is expanding the range of treatments available to patients in Eatontown, and surrounding areas. The clinic now offers TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a breakthrough treatment for a variety of mental health problems, including depression.

More information is available at https://positivereseteatontown.com/tms-therapy/

The new TMS treatment introduced at Positive Reset involves the administration of electromagnetic pulses to select areas of the brain shown to be connected to depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Patients who receive this treatment are typically released immediately after the session and have not reported any adverse side effects, either immediate or long-term.

Positive Reset is one of the first clinics in New Jersey to receive the equipment necessary to perform this treatment – among only around a dozen other facilities in the state. While the treatment was approved for general use over a decade ago, recent research has shown that it may be more effective than previously thought, with applications ranging from minor anxiety to Parkinson’s treatment.

This non-invasive treatment has been demonstrated as effective in cases where traditional treatments, such as medication and psychotherapy, have not been successful. Additionally, the therapy has shown promise in reducing addiction-related symptoms, and has been used to successfully help certain patients stop smoking without the discomfort often associated with that process, Positive Reset explains.

The Eatontown clinic has adopted TMS to complement its existing, more traditional forms of mental health treatments, including a range of group and individual counseling therapies for individuals suffering from substance abuse, trauma-related depression, and other conditions. Following the addition of TMS, they have found that the administration of this treatment before a traditional therapy can greatly enhance its effectiveness.

Using these approaches in tandem, Positive Reset has opened the door to the next generation of depression therapy. This method of treatment typically takes place over the course of five months, during which time a combination of TMS and psychotherapy are administered as needed.

The clinic is especially enthusiastic about this treatment given its nearly universal applications across age groups and demographics. Most individuals are eligible to receive TMS, except those taking a select group of stimulant medications, those with metallic implants, and those with a history of epileptic seizures.

The research recently released on the use cases for TMS makes it increasingly clear that the next frontier of psychotherapy is here, with Positive Reset at the forefront of this new movement.

More information is available at https://positivereseteatontown.com/tms-therapy/

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