Escape The Grind Launches Influencer Partnership Syndicate with Proven Success

John C. Howard, three time 7 figure online entrepreneur and founder of financial marketplace has recently launched a new program under his new brand Escape the Grind. This new program is a Celebrity and Influencer Partnership Syndicate Program which involves a new online business model that empowers entrepreneurs or anyone looking to get involved in online business to partner with influencers, celebrities or even experts with a following to enable them to better monetize their following with courses, masterclasses and memberships.

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This Celebrity and Influencer Partnership Syndicate Program aims at leveraging on the opportunity that the large audience exposure which celebrities and influencers already have. This Celebrity and Influencer partnership syndicate program enables enrollees to “copy and paste” the entire business model and the outsourced staff of the marketing geniuses founders whom generated $2.1 million in 72 hours from this online business model, but are unable to support the current demand from celebrities and influencers. The partnership syndicate program is designed to be a one-stop-shop for crafting and executing the offerings for online courses, master classes and memberships as well as marketing these offerings to their followings.

John C. Howard, a three time 7 figure experienced entrepreneur, launched this program to provide solutions for the high demand from celebrities and influencers and opportunities for anyone looking to launch a business online or expand on their service offerings. Influencers, Celebrities, and experts with a following are all interested in better monetizing their followings and by working with them to craft their offerings and create master classes, courses and memberships entrepreneurs can assist these celebrities and influencers with this. This partnership syndicate Program gives enrollees an entire business model framework along with their outsourced teams so that they can “launch your own mini Google like it’s the year 2000”.

The program brings enrollees into the same room with the marketing genius founders whom generated $2.1 million in 72 hours and enables them to copy and paste their exact business. Enrollees will participate in a six hour exclusive, Live VIP Workshop where the marketing genius founders will give their entire secret model to participants. They will open up all aspects of their cutting edge Celebrity partnership business model which enabled them to generate $2.1million in 72 hours and $25 million in 14 days!

The program empowers enrollees to leverage on their already proven partnership framework so that they can capitalize on this current extraordinary demand from influencers, celebrities and others with a following to craft their offerings and better monetize their followings. The Marketing Genius founders will hold enrollees hand every step of the way from outreach to crafting offerings to product execution to all aspects of the marketing strategy to their followings. The program is designed for enrollees to establish 50/50 revenue partnerships with the Celebrities and Influencers.

“It’s like launching your own mini Google back in the year 2000” said John C. Howard, founder of John has launched three different online businesses up to and beyond seven figures per year and he believes this program is so special as it is during a unique time in history when people with a following don’t necessarily know how to best monetize it. The high demand from influencers and celebrities signifies this reality and presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to expand their online service offerings.

The celebrity and influencer partnership syndicate program just launched is a progressive online program that empowers online entrepreneurial success through emerging marketing technology trends and business strategies. Further details are available to interested parties on the website above.

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