Regenerative Medicine: A New Hope for Joint Pain Relief at QC Kinetix (Fridley)

Fridley, MN – QC Kinetix (Fridley) uses regenerative medicine to harness and engage the body’s natural ability to restore itself and provide pain relief and injury recovery. Comprehensive regenerative medicine treatments include biologic therapies and laser therapy.

Different types of pain can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life, both physically and socially. Chronic pain can affect an individual’s mobility, making it difficult to perform daily tasks and participate in physical activities, leading to social isolation and decreased quality of life. Patients may also experience emotional and psychological effects such as anxiety and frustration.

Treatments offered by QC Kinetix (Fridley) can help patients experiencing chronic joint pain, limited mobility, and the physical and emotional toll of joint pain. Regenerative medicine treatments offered by QC Kinetix (Fridley) are non-surgical and address the root cause of pain without requiring downtime, allowing patients to quickly return to their daily routine after treatment.

Patients who have received treatment from the pain control clinic have reported significant relief from their chronic pain, allowing them to perform activities they were previously unable to do. For example, patients with knee pain may have been unable to climb stairs or participate in sports, but after treatment, they can perform these activities with little to no pain.

Similarly, patients with shoulder pain may have found it difficult to perform daily activities such as getting dressed or reaching for items on a high shelf, but after treatment, they have regained mobility and can perform these tasks with ease.

Lower back pain can be especially debilitating, as it can affect a patient’s ability to sit or stand for extended periods, leading to missed work or social activities. After treatment, patients have reported significant pain relief, allowing them to return to work or participate in social activities without discomfort.

QC Kinetix (Fridley) provides new patients with a complimentary exam during a 30 to 60-minute consultation with one of their providers. The provider evaluates the patient’s eligibility for regenerative medicine Fridley treatments and discusses the natural treatment options in detail, aiding patients in making informed decisions regarding their specific condition. At the end of the consultation, the patient receives a customized treatment plan if eligible.

The clinic understands the importance of providing patients with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. With clean and modern facilities, friendly staff members, and spa-like amenities, patients can feel more comfortable and at ease during their treatment. By combining top-level care with a comfortable and smooth clinical experience, the clinic ensures that patients receive the best possible care while promoting overall well-being.

QC Kinetix (Fridley) is located at 500 Osborne Rd NE, Suite 215, Fridley, MN, 55432, USA. To schedule a consultation or make other inquiries, call the pain control clinic at (612) 254-7123.

Visit their website for more information on their regenerative medicine treatments.

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