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Will Pflaum, of Glencadia Dog Camp, offers his experience on customer reviews in this interview

New York City, New York Jun 17, 2023 ( – In today’s digital age, every organization leaves a lasting trail on the internet. This fact holds true for small businesses as well, making it crucial for them to develop a comprehensive plan for managing customer reviews. Will Pflaum, the owner of Glencadia Dog Camp, has dedicated years to resolving customer issues since founding his company in 2005. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the valuable tricks and lessons he has learned over the years. Join us as Pflaum shares his experiences with popular review platforms such as Bright Local, Podium, and Chekkit, shedding light on how he has successfully improved the online reputation of his business.

The Advantage of Bulk

When it comes to local businesses, the majority of people rely on platforms like Google or Apple Maps, Yelp, search engines, and Facebook for comparisons. However, from a business standpoint, these comparisons take on a different significance. The metrics consumers use to judge businesses often have more to do with the success of their review strategy rather than the actual quality of their products or services.

According to Will, “Creating a review strategy is particularly important, especially when you think you don’t need one.” Even businesses that have a handful of glowing five-star reviews might assume they are in the clear and have nothing to worry about. However, any local business with only a few reviews on significant platforms runs the risk of being bombarded with negative feedback and lacks the substantial presence that a multitude of reviews offers as a protective barrier.

“The rating a business receives on any review site is not solely based on the percentage of satisfied customers but rather on the percentage of customers who take the time to leave a review. These two populations are entirely distinct,” explains Glencadia’s founder. There is an inherent bias towards negative reviews since disgruntled individuals are typically more motivated to share their experiences compared to the majority of satisfied customers, who are less inclined to leave reviews.

“Your industry plays a significant role in customer motivation,” states Glencadia’s owner. “We’re not selling ice cream.” In the hospitality sector, for instance, a hotel may be more prone to negative reviews compared to a bagel store. This is because an unfavorable aspect of a hotel’s service can impact a guest’s experience over several days, while a bagel, whether good or bad, is consumed within a short timeframe.

Overall, developing a robust review strategy is crucial for small businesses to thrive in today’s digital landscape. By prioritizing customer feedback and actively engaging with various review platforms, businesses can proactively shape their online reputation and build trust among potential customers.

Increasing Incoming Reviews

According to Glencadia’s president, “Podium and Chekkit offer similar features and functionality, but Chekkit stands out with its affordability and excellent customer service.”

The primary goal of these services is to amplify the number of reviews and counterbalance the inherent bias toward negative feedback. Both platforms provide messenger applications with convenient template systems. Businesses can assign conversations to their employees who can then follow up with customers. Utilizing preformatted templates, representatives can send customers links to review sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. As these platforms have specific policies regarding soliciting reviews, both Podium and Chekkit have implemented methods to ensure compliance.

“I had a surprising experience with Chekkit when I requested the addition of emojis to the desktop version of their app. Their developers promptly implemented it,” shares the owner of Glencadia. “Considering there are no apparent advantages to the more expensive alternative, Podium, I highly recommend that business owners give Chekkit a try. This is my personal review of review systems!”

In summary, both Podium and Chekkit offer valuable tools to enhance review management. However, Chekkit’s cost-effectiveness and exceptional customer service make it a compelling choice for businesses. With its responsiveness to customer requests and competitive features, Chekkit proves to be an excellent option worth exploring.

Bright Local advertises itself as follows, “Our tools help you rank higher, grow your reputation, and build citations–all at an unbeatable price.” Indeed, the prices would be less than either of Chekkit or Podium but they aren’t really comparable. Check it Podium allows SMS communication and can do a lot more than simply get more reviews.


“Don’t think you don’t have to plan,” Will says, “Reviews may take care of themselves and not be an issue. However, if you don’t prepare, playing catch up may have unexpected consequences.”

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