WordPress Website Optimization For Page Load & Bounce Rate Reduction Updated

This updated service seeks to decrease load times for WordPress sites by optimizing assets and removing common reasons for slowdowns. It is intended to help businesses increase customer retention and improve overall visibility on major search engines.

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With this update, the SupersonicWP team has targeted some new factors that might cause WordPress pages to load slowly. Many of these new targets come in the form of plugins, which are the most common cause of slowdowns on WordPress sites and which may be installed automatically depending on the site host.

By eliminating extraneous or unoptimized plugins, updating out-of-date scripts, and reconfiguring the site cache, Supersonic WP may be able to increase site speeds to save several seconds of loading time. Studies have shown that those seconds can make a significant difference in retention rates, with a 6-second loading delay leading to a 40% drop off in visitors.

Their team works with a wide variety of factors to optimize the sites they work with. For example, in many cases, the Javascript, HTML, or CSS responsible for handling requests and other vital processes is bloated or unnecessarily complex. Their team can minify code across all these languages to reduce server load and increase speeds.

Many of their processes utilize automation solutions that work in tandem with their team’s manual review to facilitate faster delivery times. These automation solutions will also continue to optimize a site after the initial review, with code and image optimization processes that can be continually applied to new portions of the site as they are uploaded.

This service is available for a one-time fee to be paid prior to the project’s start date, and which will grant access to the company’s full service range. This one-time price applies to WordPress sites containing 15 pages or less; larger websites are subject to custom pricing review, and will require a consultation with the team.

SupersonicWP was founded by a SEO and web development expert, who has since built a small team of dedicated professionals. Their team is available to provide consultations to those interested in enlisting their services – potential clients can expect a response within 24 hours of contacting the team.

To find out more, visit https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/news/wordpress-website-speed-optimization-for-fast-page-loading-ranking-updated


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