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CreditLink(R) Corporation, the national pioneer tenant screening checks service in the U.S., will recognize their 44th business anniversary this coming August. The renter background check and eviction reports pioneer, CrediLink(R) Corporation is commemorating 44 years at the top of renter background screening services and property management tenant payment history innovations. This is a significant event for the San Diego, California-based tenant background eviction screening report business, which has provided tenant screening services for real estate investors and property management companies since 1979.

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CreditLink(R) Corporation got it’s start in 1979 when Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Allen Moffitt decided to provide a service beneficial to landowners, property managers, and tenants that could help sustain low rents and improe neighborhoods.

One of the earliest challenges CreditLink(R) Corporation faced was finding and verifying available tenant payment history and background data that insured all data reported was credible and reliable.

While every business of course faces challenges, some, like CreditLink(R) Corporation are fortunate enough to enjoy real successes, wins and victories also. The most significant victory of their 44 years of operating is that CreditLink(R) Corporation has never been hacked!

“Our clients have received over two million background checks without ever having a single report or request compromised. Our military experience and graduate study in Critical Systems Safety Engineering prepared us; CreditLink(R) was built to protect sensitive information” said their Founder David A Moffitt.

“We are a one-hundred-percent secure system; we have been since before the term “cybersecurity” became popular. Even before digitization made the production, transmission, and storage of paper documents obsolete. The protocols inspired the entire tenant screening industry. CrediLink(R) built proprietary vault-level software, before the term cybersecurity became popular “We saw the future before it was now. “, Moffitt added.

Moffitt, Chief Executive Officer at CreditLink(R) Corporation was also quoted when discussing another big win. “One of the high points of CreditLink(R) Corporation’s history is CreditLink(R) has consistently been a hive of innovation.”

“We were early players in the technology sector. Long before the internet was reality CreditLink was building technology to “amass and review” critical circumstantial data, before it was the common practice in the commercial, industrial, and residential tenant background checking industry. Among the first in the nation to physically collect eviction histories from the courthouses throughout California, CreditLink(R) built the first repository for current, ongoing, and past eviction records. These factors proved to be a profound predictor of default. Amassing and reviewing criminal records and correlating the identification of the perpetrators for comparison with applications also proved powerful predictor in litigation avoidance,” the Founding Chief Executive stated.

“We’re delighted to be celebrating our 44 Year Anniversary. I believe the secret to getting this far in business today is our depth of experience is broad and deep”, CEO Moffitt said. In 1979 the CreditLink(R) team began their journey in the trenches representing Landlord’s and property managers in over two hundred thousand breach of lease, eviction, and collection matters related to real property leasing.

CreditLink(R) grew thir design model from the gritty details of what predicts lease failure in a rental situation. They evolved along with the industry. Historically, landlords were often faced with complex litigation over the establishment of tenancies that weren’t based on hard data. It is less so these days, due in part to their efforts.

In the olden days renting and leasing was often an eyeballing and an estimation, a gut feeling, and the instinctive impression of the leasing agent or the property manager. This resulted in numerous failures and millions of dollars spent on litigation and attempts to collect judgments and back due rent.

David Moffitt shared, “We saw technology leading the way to adapt, improvise, and overcome the problems which were in some way promulgated by prejudice and prognostication based on corrupt data.”

Moffitt finished by declaring, “CreditLink(R) Corporation builds technology with integrity.”

CreditLink(R) Corporation is planning big for the upcoming 44th anniversary event. One of their core objectives is, to not only maintain, but also expand their role as the leader and key innovator of the renter screening and background reporting business services trade with emphasis on directly connecting their newly launched RentFaire company, an online property management software solution, with the CreditLink(R) tenant background checks and renter eviction reporting services.

The CreditLink(R) anniversary giveaway will provide all CreditLink(R) account holders with a free upgrade membership to their new property management software solution Rentfaire. New accounts can be established by visiting

Credlink(R) accounts have No Membership Fees and No Monthly Minimum

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