What Is the Best Gun Safe For My Car?

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With the growing prevalence of concealed carry, it is crucial for firearm owners to be well-informed about the restrictions on carrying firearms into certain buildings. Whether dictated by federal law, official policies of establishments like banks, or the preferences of privately owned businesses, there are times when firearms must remain secured in vehicles.

To address this need and prevent theft, responsible gun owners are turning to car gun safes.

Balancing Access and Security

Selecting the right car gun safe involves striking a balance between accessibility and security. The chosen safe should feature a secure lock and provide a means of keeping the firearm discreetly out of sight within the vehicle. Various styles of safes cater to different preferences, offering ease of access, enhanced concealability, or robust security measures. The choice often depends on the vehicle's size and available storage space.

Consider Your Vehicle's Interior

Effective firearm storage in your car necessitates efficient utilization of available space. Larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs typically offer more room to work with, while smaller sedans may have limited space. Therefore, compact car safes are preferable, particularly if you regularly use vehicles of different sizes.

4 Ways to Secure a Handgun in Your Car

Securing handguns when they are not on your person is a fundamental aspect of responsible firearm ownership. Car gun safes come in various types, including Go Safe Gun Locks, tie-down travel safes, vehicle-mounted gun safes, and concealed car safes.

  • GoSafe Gun Locks: The GoSafe Mobile Safe is an innovative solution for securing a pistol in your vehicle. Unlike traditional gun safes, it secures the pistol through the magazine well, reducing overall size and allowing for layering with other safes for added security. This mobile option provides control over your firearm, even when using someone else's safe, whether in the car or elsewhere.

  • Tie Down Travel Gun Safes: Lockable travel gun safes are a common choice, offering affordability and portability. These small, lockable containers are designed to meet air travel restrictions for firearms and can include a metal tie-down cable for added security. Careful research is essential to ensure durability and effective counter-theft features.

  • Vehicle Mounted Gun Safes: These safes attach to the vehicle, often by bolting them to the frame. While they provide permanent or semi-permanent storage solutions, they may limit the available space in your car. Some vehicle-mounted safes fit between the console or in unused spaces, but the chosen location depends on your vehicle's design.

  • Concealed Car Safes/Console Vaults: Concealed car safes and console vaults blend into your vehicle's interior, using obscurity to secure your firearm. They may replace or partially resemble existing vehicle components, such as headrests or console spaces. These options offer convenience but may limit space and come in varying designs to suit different vehicles.

GoSafe Mobile Safe & GoSafe Mobile Mag – Mobile and Secure Gun Safe for Your Car

For those needing to secure their firearms while out in public, GoSafe introduces the Mobile Safe and Mobile Maga new take on gun locks for vehicles. These innovative solutions offer easy concealment and user-friendly operation while securely locking down your pistol. They can be used independently or in conjunction with other safes for added security.

Made from high-quality materials, the Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag ensure consistency, mobility, and reliability. In comparison to other car safe options, they provide easy access to your firearm while maintaining a high level of security.

The responsibility of firearm ownership extends to the secure storage of firearms when not in use. Car gun safes offer a practical solution for those times when carrying a firearm into a building is not an option. By selecting the right safe for your needs and vehicle, you can ensure both convenience and security.

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