From Art to Altruism: Lingham Foundation Unveils Monumental Fundraiser at La Jollas Contemporary Museum to Combat Global Hunger

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SAN DIEGO, CA, October 4rth, 2023 (500NewsWire) — The Lingham Foundation, a beacon of hope and catalyst for global change, is proud to announce its upcoming fundraiser: The Eternal Harvest. Set against the esteemed La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art backdrop, this event promises an evening of sensory delights, purposeful engagement, and a clarion call to address the global hunger challenge.

On Thursday, November 9th, from 6 to 9 p.m. PST, The Eternal Harvest aims to transport attendees into an ambiance of reflection and celebration. It champions the transformative journey of foodfrom its role as a staple of life to its potential to uplift entire communities, ensuring they survive and thrive.

Established by Charlene and Vinny Lingham, The Lingham Foundation has become synonymous with transformative philanthropy and sustainable action. Their vision, stemming from their South African roots, is evident in the foundation's multifaceted approach to global challenges. It's not just about addressing immediate needs; it's about cultivating long-term, systemic solutions that ensure a brighter future for all. Based in San Diego, the foundation is committed to local and international causes. Its emphasis on collaboration, compassion, and community has made it a beacon for those seeking meaningful, tangible change in food security and sustainability.

SA Harvest, a South African powerhouse in food rescue, operates with a similar ethos. Since its humble beginnings with a solitary van in Cape Town, the organization has grown exponentially, ensuring that millions of meals reach those in need rather than going to waste. With an impressive track record of rescuing over 14 million kilograms of food and partnering with 200+ beneficiary organizations, SA Harvest has illuminated a path of hope in regions grappling with food insecurity. The partnership between The Lingham Foundation and SA Harvest was a natural alignment of missions and visions. Charlene's involvement goes beyond mere collaboration; she proudly serves on the board of SA Harvest, reinforcing her commitment to the cause and ensuring that both entities move harmoniously towards a shared goal: a world where hunger is history.

As attendees immerse themselves in an environment filled with live art and passionate performances, they'll also be part of a mission bigger than any single evening. A live auction allows guests to acquire exclusive art pieces and unique experiences. But these bids aren't just about art or entertainment; each one signifies a commitment to bring about tangible change, to eradicate hunger, and reduce food wastage.

"Food speaks a universal language, a tale of resilience, transformation, and hope," remarks Charlene Lingham, the visionary behind The Lingham Foundation. "With this event, our goal is to amplify the narrative of food, from its humble origins to its powerful potential as an instrument of societal evolution."

The collaboration between The Lingham Foundation and SA Harvest sheds light on an alarming reality: an annual wastage of 10.3 million tons of food in South Africa juxtaposed with 20 million individuals grappling with critical food vulnerability. These figures aren't just numbers; they're urgent calls to action.

However, embedded within these challenges lies the hope of transformation. "A contribution of $1000 could yield 20,000 meals," Lingham emphasizes, illustrating the tangible impact of collective efforts. "It's a testament to the transformative power of combined wills."

The Eternal Harvest is more than an eventit's a movement. It's an invitation to partake in a global mission, to be the ripple that eventually brings about a wave of positive change. To learn more, purchase tickets, or participate in this transformative mission, interested individuals and entities can visit .

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, November 9, 2023

Time: 6 – 9 pm PST

Location: La Jolla's Museum of Contemporary Art, 700 Prospect Street, San Diego, CA 92037

About The Lingham Foundation:

Based in San Diego, California, The Lingham Foundation is the brainchild of Charlene and Vinny Lingham, who channel their South African roots to advocate for sustainable change and food security. Prioritizing compassion, collaboration, and community, the foundation partners with global nonprofits, notably SA Harvest, to address food wastage and empower communities.

SA Harvest has partnered with CAF America, a registered 501(c)(3) organization and a global fiscal sponsor. Donations made through this event and collaboration ensure donors can benefit from a US tax deduction while adhering to all US tax laws.

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