Revolutionary device that eliminates carbon emissions in residential household by up to 60 to 80%

Sebastopol, California Oct 2, 2023 ( – Emissions Controller –A revolutionary EPA Certified device to cut carbon emissions by 60 to 80% in residential homes worldwide.

Sebastopol, California: As a 50-year career veteran in residential and commercial construction we are proud to present our solution for the reduction of residential carbon footprint through filtered technology that eliminates up to 60 to 80% of household emissions.

Through innovation and simplified technology, we can filter Carbon Emissions at 60 to 80% ratio eliminating nearly all carbon emissions from residential homes. This technology is also readily available for commercial buildings.

Transportation and housing contribute to over 60% of the domestic carbon footprint in the United States. Households are directly responsible for 34% of these emissions. Our technology enables our device to reduce household emissions by a filtering apparatus where carbon emissions are never released into the air. This process has a near net negative carbon emission reducing the dangerous emissions for an individual residence.

It is realistic to believe the Emissions Controller can allow the use of oil and gas as our primary source of viable energy for the United States and Worldwide. Future goals for the United States to construct new refineries are feasible with the Emissions Controller device as new refineries can offer the technology of clean processing of crude oil while the Emissions Controller filters carbon emissions. Emissions Controller will fundamentally change our environment overnight.

Our filtering device eliminates household emissions in a way that is cost-effective other than that of carbon capture which has an enormous price tag and technology that is far from fine-tuned development.

The cost of the device and installation is a nominal fee while utilizing Made in the USA capabilities. Certified technicians are aligned nationwide to facilitate installation.

After considerable testing in several areas in the United States, we found the Emissions Controller was a success and achieved the same goals of 60 to 80% filtering of household emissions anywhere the device was utilized.

With the desire of Americans to employ environmentally friendly clean air solutions we anticipate the device to be widely purchased.

The Emissions Controller will also enable Commercial Buildings, Wineries, Breweries, Hotels Apartment Buildings, etc. to perform in the same way just on a larger scale. We estimate the carbon filtering device will enable a 50 to 70% reduction in the carbon footprint of each office and commercial building throughout the United States and Worldwide.

We are proud to announce that our filtering device has received EPA Certification.

Purchase of the Emissions Controller will be available online beginning October 11th, 2023 with shipping anticipated in 6 to 8 weeks.

On a grand scale, our Emissions Controller will enable the United States and countries like China and India which are the largest producers of worldwide carbon emissions to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by simply adding the filtering system to residential and commercial buildings. The Emissions Controller device will change our worldwide carbon footprint and achieve the goals necessary to reduce dangerous carbon emissions that do enormous damage to our ozone.

We encourage you to review the attached literature and our website at where a detailed description is available as to who will benefit from the Emissions Controller.

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Governor Gavin Newsom says he will sign into law CA SB253 (23R), which would require companies earning at least $1 billion per year and doing business in the state to disclose their scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions. In addition, Governor Newsom also said he would sign a related bill, CA SB261 (23R) that would force large corporations to disclose their climate-related financial risks.

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