OTTER Reading: Breaking New Ground & Empowering Educators with Multi-Sensory Literacy Tools

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Concord, North Carolina Oct 9, 2023 – OTTER Reading(Optimizing Tactile Tools to Engage Readers), a leading provider of structured literacy tools and resources, is paving the way for multi-sensory literacy with its commitment to supporting educators and students in their journey towards improved literacy skills. The company’s innovative approach, rooted in the Orton Gillingham (OG) method, aims to empower teachers with research-based, multi-sensory tools that align with the Science of Reading.

With a deep passion for literacy and extensive experience in teaching, Meagan Beam, the founder of OTTER Reading is dedicated to creating prescriptive, explicit, sequential, and multi-sensory lessons that foster reading success. Holding Orton Gillingham Certifications as an Associate and Classroom Educator through the Orton Gillingham Academy, and backed by over 100 hours of combined OG training and teaching experiences, Meagan brings a wealth of expertise to the development of OTTER Reading’s resources. This background, coupled with her entrepreneurial dedication is putting the right tools in the right educators’ hands which is making an impact on students all over the country like never before.

When asked about OTTER Reading’s immediate goals, founder Meagan Beam says “I hope to support thousands of students who are learning to read and thousands of teachers who are teaching students how to read. Raising awareness of the dire need for research-based reading instruction in our nation that is aligned with brain research and supports all areas of the science of reading (phonological awareness, phonics, morphology, comprehension, vocabulary, etc) is absolutely paramount in our immediate goals. I want to finish my doctorate in Reading, Literacy, and Assessments to further the research for best practice.”

At the heart of OTTER Reading’s offerings is an innovative multi-sensory resource, known as OTTER Tools, which is currently patent pending. These tools facilitate a multi-sensory approach to literacy instruction, engaging students and enabling them to develop essential reading skills effectively. By combining technology and multi-sensory techniques, OTTER Reading strives to create engaging, interactive resources that captivate students’ attention and enhance their learning experience. A challenge that when achieved, can change education for the better.

Moreover, founder Meagan Beam’s educational background (outside of her OG training and various certifications) includes a major in Multi-Categorical Special Education K-12 from Clemson University, and a Masters of Reading with an elementary focus from Grand Canyon University. With 16 years of experience in the field of education, her passion for literacy and commitment to helping students thrive has been honed through years of practice and professional growth.

OTTER Reading’s traction isn’t just making its way from classroom to classroom across the country. Evidence of their mission could be seen in places as popular as Times Square where those who believe in the mission so much wanted to ensure the world knows about it’s value

Beyond her professional endeavors, Beam of OTTER Reading is a single parent to a delightful daughter, Madelyne. The mother/daughter duo have teamed up with Mady’s contributions to all the illustrations for OTTER Reading’s decodable stories which will be featured on the release of their new web content. This personal experience fuels their empathy and understanding of students facing challenges in grasping the concept of reading. Meagan’s determination to overcome personal obstacles, including a type 1 diabetes diagnosis among other challenges, only strengthens her ability to relate to students and provide the necessary support and guidance.

The team at OTTER Reading is excited to share their comprehensive literacy resources and tools with educators worldwide. By combining the power of structured literacy, multi-sensory techniques, and technology, OTTER Reading aims to equip teachers with the resources they need to empower students and foster a love for reading. A mission that could absolutely revolutionize the way students learn to read.

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