Trainee Human Rights Lawyer from Watford Launches Global Mental Health Campaign

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This World Mental Health Day, a British human rights lawyer is launching an ambitious campaign to reshape attitudes, policies, and access to mental healthcare across the globe.

Mohammed Sbahuddin Rafiuddin, a 32-year-old trainee human rights lawyer from Watford, UK, is unveiling "Mohammed's Mental Health Campaign" – a pioneering initiative to have sound mental health universally recognized as a fundamental human right worldwide.

Mohammed, who has battled severe mental illness for a decade and draws from his own harrowing experiences, aims to completely transform the narrative and policies surrounding mental health through this bold campaign.

"My mission is to ensure no one battling mental illness ever feels alone or has to surrender their fight for a fulfilling life of sound mental health," Mohammed said. "Together, we can create a world where mental health is no longer stigmatized but treated with the same urgency as physical health."

The World Health Organization estimates 1 in 8 people globally live with a mental disorder – nearly 1 billion worldwide. Mental illness is a leading cause of disability and lost economic opportunities.

However, mental health remains chronically underfunded. Stigma prevents many from seeking help. Access to quality, affordable treatment remains out of reach for too many.

Mohammed's solution is a massive cultural and policy shift: enshrining the right to mental health as a protected Human Right across the globe.

The campaign's central goal is incorporating the right to sound mental health into legislation such as the UK's Human Rights Act and seeing it recognized internationally through groups like the United Nations.

"If we can secure the right to mental health as we have done for rights like fair trials or freedom of speech, it will transform how governments approach funding mental health services and force real change in access to care," Mohammed explained.

Increased Investment in Research and Treatment

A key pillar is advocating for urgently increased investment in mental health research and treatment worldwide.

"The lack of funding for mental health research and resources is unacceptable given the scale of this crisis," said Mohammed. "We need a massive injection of funding to develop better treatments and make high-quality care available to all."

Greater Focus on Prevention and Early Intervention

The campaign also calls for a greater focus on prevention and early intervention worldwide. This includes broader public awareness campaigns, more proactive screening, and expanding free and low-cost community mental health programs.

"We know so much more about how to prevent mental illness and intervene early. We desperately need greater investment in public mental health initiatives to give people the education, tools and support they need before reaching crisis," Mohammed stated.

Tackling Stigma and Normalizing Conversations Around Mental Health

Mohammed also aims to tackle head-on the stigma that prevents so many from seeking help – especially in minority communities.

"Within many Asian communities, mental illness is simply not discussed," Mohammed shared. "I want to normalize these conversations, break taboos, and allow people to get treatment without shame."

Drawing from Personal Struggles to Inspire Others

As part of launching the campaign, Mohammed is courageously sharing his own story of overcoming severe mental illness after being bedridden for 7 years, in hopes it will inspire others worldwide facing similar challenges.

Mohammed's mental health crisis began while finishing his law degree, when he developed severe depression and anxiety that later spiraled into psychosis. He spent his 30th birthday in a mental health ward. At his worst, he was on 4 medications just to stay alive.

After finally receiving appropriate treatment and support, Mohammed has recovered and completed his law qualifications. He now wants to help millions of others get their lives back too.

"My own journey has given me the strength and passion to fight for a future where no one has to suffer in silence or feel hopeless," said Mohammed. "I want to help empower people worldwide to live mentally healthy, fulfilling lives."

Ambitious Worldwide Campaign Gaining Support

Mohammed has spent years raising awareness on mental health issues and working with organizations like Mind, Rethink Mental Illness, and the NHS as an Expert by Experience.

Now his ambitious global campaign is gaining backing from mental health professionals, community leaders, and policymakers across sectors.

"Mohammed's courageous work will open minds, save lives, and bring us closer to treating mental health as a basic human right for all," said Dr. Malik, a psychiatrist who treated Mohammed. "I fully support this campaign and hope it inspires global action."

A Collective Mission for Mental Health

This World Mental Health Day, Mohammed is calling on people worldwide to join him in this urgent mission.

"I believe together we can reshape the global narrative around mental health and create real, positive change in access to care," Mohammed said. "We have a collective responsibility to speak up and make sure mental health is no longer ignored."

Mohammed hopes this bold campaign will spark a movement, driving real policy changes that secure mental health rights and transform millions of lives.

"We have come too far to allow those with mental illness to keep suffering in silence," he said. "The time for action is now."

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