Chipper Gives Student Loan Borrowers Relief with Lower Payment and Loan Forgiveness Options

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Chipper, the app that empowers student loan borrowers to better manage their debt, today announced that its full featured mobile app is now available to help borrowers lower their monthly payments and eliminate their debt. Chipper is a simple, easy to use app to help the 44-45 million Americans who have federal student loans manage their debt, find forgiveness, and lower monthly payments.

The all-in-one student loan repayment app coincides with student loan payments restarting in October, following the pause that began in March 2020. Student loan debt is the second-biggest consumer debt category after mortgages, with the total amount of student debt now approaching $1.8 trillion and the average monthly payment being $400.

Chipper has helped more than 140,000 customers conquer student debt up to four years faster with an average savings of $307 per month. Four out of five (82%) Chipper users find a better repayment plan through its app.

"The restart of student loan payments has serious consequences on millions of Americans who are struggling financially and are already dealing with inflation and rising housing costs, said Tony Aguilar, founder and CEO of Chipper. Our app uses advanced technology to seamlessly connect student loans and automate enrollments into lower payment plans, improving outcomes for borrowers who are desperate for relief and forgiveness. We have already helped our members qualify for more than $250 million in student loan forgiveness. Chipper is on a mission to discover and take action on the different personalized options and programs that can eliminate their debt.

While more than four million people have enrolled in the SAVE plan, Chippers analysis shows that millions more borrowers are eligible for relief and forgiveness programs and their debt can be eliminated in one day if these borrowers take the proper action.

Under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, Chippers research shows:

  • Ninety percent of First Responders could have their debt forgiven.

  • More than half of Educators could see their debt eliminated.

  • One-third of Health Care workers debt could disappear.

Borrowers do not have to struggle under mountains of student debt, especially those who work in public service, added Aguilar. We know how to successfully apply for lower payments and forgiveness programs. Chipper makes the process easy and more effective so borrowers can successfully tackle their debt, putting them on a path towards savings and long-term wealth creation.

Since its inception in 2018, Chipper has been revolutionizing the way student loan borrowers manage and reduce their debt. By offering clear, actionable insights and strategies, Chipper empowers users to take charge of their financial futures, providing an authentic pathway to success and financial wellness.

About Chipper

Chipper, based in Austin, Texas, is the all-in-one student loan app that helps borrowers optimize and pay off their student debt faster. Chipper centralizes users' student loans while its algorithm identifies options for repayment management and loan forgiveness tailored to individual users. Chipper makes it possible for users to take further action on student loan repayments and chip away at debt even faster with Chipper Round-Ups and Chipper Rewards features. For more information, please visit

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