Black Documentary Series: Forgotten Chapters in Black History Launches With Camp Logan Mutiny Documentary

United States – A new black documentary series detailing the forgotten chapters of Black history has been launched. The documentary series explores lost chapters like the Camp Logan Mutiny, helping viewers to deeply understand what happened and the lasting impact on Black Americans today.

The Black Documentary Series launched by Popcorn Trailer and available on Fanbase, focuses on the controversial court-martial of an all-black regiment in 1917, leading to the largest murder trial in the United State’s history. The documentary series, created by Tim Williams, sheds more light on black history by picking specific points and expanding on them to tell the truth of it all.

The Camp Logan Mutiny documentary is detailed in multiple episodes to help viewers capture the most important moments and missing aspects of the history they’re familiar with. Tim Williams, speaking on the inspiration behind telling the story of the historic moment, said: “The soldiers wanted fair treatment, and that narrative is still prevalent today. I wanted to create clever ways to reenact the events through editing. I used mostly archival footage, AI photos, music, and sound effects.”

Viewers can Watch Camp Logan Mutiny Series on Fanbase and expect to catch some of the most interesting moments highlighting discrimination. Through the documentary series, viewers step into the shoes of Black soldiers on the Third Battalion 24th Infantry Regiment as they arrive in Houston, Texas, to be confronted by racial slurs, discrimination, and provocation from the police and local community.

The vivid storytelling and skillful use of visuals immerse viewers into escalating tension as they witness a reenactment of the clashes and rising tension that plunged Houston into two hours of pure violence, leading to the death of nine civilians, four policemen, and two soldiers.

Tim Williams guides viewers through the extraordinary court-martial procedure, offering insight into the treatment of the black regiment during this legal process.

Viewers intrigued by Tim’s work, particularly the recently unveiled three episodes of the Houston Riot documentary, can subscribe via the Fanbase app. The benefits include exclusive early access to every released episode, including the opportunity to watch future content, social audio chats, behind-the-scenes footage, updates, live streaming, group meetups and more.

Tim Williams is the founder of Popcorn Trailer, an entertainment company with a mission to transform ideas into extraordinary experiences. He produces original content under the alias TimFlix. He has been a leader in cultivating ideas for film and television and aspiring young creators to achieve their filmmaking goals. You can connect with him and join his growing community via

Watch the latest Black Documentary series on the Fanbase app. For more information, contact Tim Williams via the Popcorn Trailer website.

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