PyroGenesis Canada completes successful silicon pour validating all critical milestones

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PyroGenesis Canada vice president of Corporate Affairs Steve McCormick joined Steve Darling from Proactive regarding the company's milestone achievement in its collaboration with HPQ Silicon.

McCormick reported that PyroGenesis Canada's engineering teams have successfully completed a significant milestone: the silicon pour from the Purevap Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) for HPQ Silicon. This achievement marks the completion of this phase of the project and sets the stage for the transition to commercial production.

To ensure the ongoing quality and performance of the Purevap QRR system, some final operational optimizations will be conducted. These optimizations will also gather additional data that will be instrumental in developing the final commercialization strategy. The key aspect to be determined is the number of Purevap QRR systems required to construct a full commercial plant.

Crucially, collaborative preliminary assessments with HPQ have revealed that a minimum of two initial reactors will likely be needed. Each of these reactors is capable of producing 2,500 metric tons of high-purity silicon per year. The estimated build cost for each of these reactors is at least $20 million.

Furthermore, PyroGenesis would be the engineering partner contracted to construct these units. If this project comes to fruition, it represents a substantial build order contract for PyroGenesis, potentially totaling approximately $40 million.

This milestone underscores the company's expertise in advanced materials and innovative technologies, positioning it as a significant player in the rapidly growing field of high-purity silicon production.

In summary, PyroGenesis Canada's achievement in completing the silicon pour from the Purevap QRR for HPQ Silicon is a pivotal milestone in their collaboration. The potential for a large-scale commercial plant underscores the company's commitment to innovation and its ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of emerging industries like high-purity silicon production.

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