Beyond Keywords: SEARCH STUDIO’s Bold Mission to Empower Women in Thai Tech SEO

Women constitute only 23% of tech teams in Thailand, highlighting a gender gap. Recognizing the challenges, SEARCH STUDIO commits to fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers for women in SEO, aiming to inspire and equip them for success.

Thailand, 17th Oct 2023SEARCH STUDIO, a boutique SEO agency proudly comprising an all-women team, takes a firm stance in advocating for women empowerment in the Thai tech industry.

A recent report by Statista [1] reveals a sobering fact — women constitute only 20% of the total global workforce in technology companies. Despite efforts by major tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google to encourage greater female participation, the gender distribution in their leadership roles remains at 77-23%, 72-28%, and 79-21%, respectively [2]. Additionally, on the global stage, Asian women constitute a mere 5% of the tech workforce [4].

Thailand’s ‘Tech’ Landscape

Shifting our focus from global tech giants to the local scene, a report from the prior year highlighted Thailand’s significant lead. In the field of science, technology, and innovation, the country boasted a remarkable 53% share of female researchers, surpassing Japan’s 15% and South Korea’s 18% [3].

In Thailand, women working in technology teams account for only 23% of the total [1], slightly higher than the global average. However, this still indicates a significant gender gap in the Thai tech industry.

Gender biases, stereotypes, and unequal opportunities often hinder the full potential of women in tech, and the SEO domain is no exception. As the Thai tech industry as a whole is thriving, the underrepresentation of women in tech is a challenge that SEARCH STUDIO aims to address. SEARCH STUDIO recognizes how these unique challenges are not only faced by SEO women in Thailand but all over the world and extends its unwavering commitment to fostering a positive environment across local, national, and international dimensions, actively breaking down barriers that hinder the professional growth of women in the SEO field.

Fonthip ‘Maspithak’ Ward, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SEARCH STUDIO, emphasizes, “The SEO world, like many tech fields, has historically been male-dominated. Our mission is not only to excel as an all-women SEO team but to inspire more women to consider and thrive in SEO careers, challenging stereotypes along the way.”

“We dream of a tech world where everyone is welcomed, and women aren’t just involved but also leading the way. They play a key role in coming up with new ideas and changing how things are done in the industry.”, says Wassana Lampech, a Co-Founder of SEARCH STUDIO.

This commitment marks SEARCH STUDIO’s relentless pursuit of a more inclusive and empowering future for women in the Thai tech industry, where gender biases and stereotypes are kicked down, and opportunities are more equal.

Search Studio’s Strategic Focus:

Community Building:

SEARCH STUDIO recognizes the importance of building a supportive community for women in tech. Through local meetups, virtual events, and collaborative initiatives, the team aims to create spaces where women can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Skill Development:

The agency is committed to providing skill development opportunities tailored for women in SEO. This includes mentorship programs, and resources designed to equip women with the technical and strategic skills needed to excel in SEO roles.


SEARCH STUDIO will actively advocate for the acts of empowering women in the tech industry, challenging biases, and stereotypes that hinder the progress of women. By sharing success stories and experiences, the team aims to inspire others and contribute to a more inclusive tech landscape.

Joining Hands for Change: Empowering Women in Thai Tech

The team at SEARCH STUDIO invites fellow professionals, businesses, and advocates of women empowerment to join hands in this important mission. By collectively addressing gender biases and creating opportunities for women in SEO, we can pave the way for a more diverse and innovative tech industry in Thailand.

For more information on SEARCH STUDIO’s initiatives or to get involved, please contact Fonthip at


SEARCH STUDIO is a boutique SEO agency based in Thailand, as an all-women team, we are passionate about empowering women in tech and breaking down barriers to create a more inclusive SEO landscape.






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