Countdown to 2024: Which is The Next Big Crypto to Explode?

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Enthusiasts and investors alike are scanning the landscape, eagerly searching for those projects thatll ride the wave to incredible heights.

This article aims to spotlight eight of the next big cryptocurrencies, each teeming with potential and looking ready for a breakout. Selected through careful research, these projects were determined for their long-term use cases, undervalued prices, and engaged communities, among other critical factors. Dive in to explore the crypto tokens that could soon be on every crypto investors lips.

8 of the next big cryptocurrencies:

  1. Memeinator: Waging war on useless meme coins

  2. Shiba Memu: The meme coin with an AI twist

  3. Ethereum: Powering the decentralized web

  4. Chancer: Betting redefined on the blockchain

  5. SingularityNET: Democratizing AI through blockchain technology

  6. Fetch.AI: Build the intelligent economy of tomorrow

  7. Polygon: Scaling Ethereum to new heights

  8. XRP: An institutional favorite

Analyzing the next cryptos to explode

There are thousands of options to choose from in todays crypto market. With AI and meme coins still hot on the agenda, narrowing down projects even from these specific niches is tricky.

Weve done the due diligence and found eight cryptocurrencies with excellent fundamentals, including some in these hot sectors. The aim here is to provide a mix of established and new cryptocurrencies, each primed to explode given their potential to revolutionize their respective sectors. Without any further ado, lets look at what these projects are, why theyre worth investing in, and the risks involved.

1. Memeinator: Waging war on useless meme coins

Memeinator is on a quest to be the next big cryptocurrency, purging the market of the worst meme coins on its way to a $1 billion market cap. Aiming to create one of the biggest resistance movements crypto has ever seen, Memeinator is a presale for those sick of scammy meme coins. Its unique shoot em up game, Meme Warfare, uses AI to dynamically create and update in-game foes, allowing players to destroy other meme coins to their heart's content.

Why could Memeinator be the next crypto to explode?

Memeinators three-pronged mission of cleansing the meme coin market, listing on the worlds largest exchanges, and achieving a $1 billion market cap is a powerful vision. The captivating Meme Warfare game adds a layer of engagement and utility, while the upcoming giveawaysthe first being a trip into space with Virgin Galacticmake this opportunity even more exciting.

The Memeinator presale began on the 27th of September at $0.01 per MMTR token. Given its 1 billion token supply, reaching its $1 billion market cap could deliver early investors gains of 9,900%! In essence, by leveraging 90s action film nostalgia, intense marketing, and strategic partnerships with massive crypto influencers, Memeinator could very well redefine the meme coin landscape.

The risks involved

While ambitious, Memeinators emphasis on community building and the inherent volatility of meme coins could lead to uncertainty down the road for investors.

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2. Shiba Memu: The meme coin with an AI twist

Shiba Memu has been the talk of the town since its presale launched in July. Its wowed the crypto community with an impressive proposition and an equally impressive presale raise of $3.5m. Designed to market itself using the latest advancements in AI technology, Shiba Memu has been frequently highlighted as the next big cryptocurrency in the meme coin space.

Why could Shiba Memu be the next crypto to explode?

Shiba Memu offers the virality of meme coins and adds a dash of AI to create something magical. Its AI capabilities, driven by technology like natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics, make it an autonomous marketing dynamo.

With daily price increases of $0.000225 throughout the presale, an innovative vision to dominate the meme coin market, and an impending listing on the Bitmart exchange, Shiba Memu could easily be the next biggest crypto. Finishing presale at $0.0379, experts believe it could skyrocket past the $1 barrier over the next few years.

The risks involved

Meme coins are highly volatile, and Shiba Memu is no exception. While its technology is designed to foster and sustain long-term growth, this volatility will likely be something investors have to contend with.

3. Ethereum: Powering the decentralized web

Ethereum is a titan of the crypto world, pioneering smart contract technology that enables much of the aspects we know and love about crypto: decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized applications (dApps), and more. Ranked as the second most valuable cryptocurrency with a market cap of around $200 billion at the time of writing, its hard to discount Ethereums undeniable presence in all walks of crypto life.

Why could Ethereum be the next crypto to explode?

Sectors like DeFi and NFTs look only set to grow in the coming years, and Ethereum will play a key role in their development. The recent transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism has allowed Ethereum to catch up with its Ethereum killer rivals. Add in plans for sharding, which could put Ethereums transactions per second (TPS) at 100,000, and it could quite easily be the next big cryptocurrency to pop.

The risks involved

Ethereum is a pioneer in crypto innovation, but the risk of delays in upgrades, as observed in the past, could potentially hinder its growth. Additionally, Ethereum faces competition from rivals that pose a significant threat to its current dominance.

4. Chancer: Betting redefined on the blockchain

Chancer is a groundbreaking social betting platform that could very well become the next biggest crypto coin. Created by brothers Paul and Adam Kelbie, Chancer provides a peer-to-peer (P2P) betting environment that&#39;s in a league of its own. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, it addresses nagging issues like exorbitant fees and lack of transparency that often mar centralized platformsall while offering near-limitless possibilities for bettors.

Why could Chancer be the next crypto to explode?

The projects presale has already pulled in $2.4m since its launch, testifying to the faith investors have in the Kelbies vision. Users can craft predictive markets for almost any event, from small bets amongst friends to global events. The platform prioritizes decentralization, putting users first and giving them a say in its operation.

With such innovation and a clear market need, Chancer has a serious shot at disrupting the betting industry. Ongoing giveaways throughout the presale, including $100k in CHANCER tokens, and the Kelbies direct engagement with the community on social media make this an opportunity to pay attention to.

The risks involved

Being in the crypto and betting spaces, regulatory uncertainties could pose a challenge for Chancer. Since Chancer is a social platform, it also relies on fostering and sustaining a loyal community.

5. SingularityNET: Democratizing AI through blockchain technology

SingularityNET, widely tipped as one of the next big coins, is a decentralized hub where AI meets blockchain. This open-source platform has made a splash recently by allowing the creation, sharing, and monetization of AI services on a grand scale. Beyond its marketplace, SingularityNET functions as an incubator, providing fledgling AI ventures with the tools they need to soar.

Why could SingularityNET be the next crypto to explode?

The AI industry has seen tremendous growth in 2023, and SingularityNET is right at the epicenter. While centralized firms fight for dominance over the space, SingularityNET offers democratization of AI, bringing developers from various niches under one roof. With its native token, AGIX, serving as the fuel for transactions, this ecosystem could be instrumental in shaping an AI-led future.

The risks involved

Centralized AI firms are huge and may see SingularityNET as a threat to their business models. Attacks to discredit SingularityNET, or if it simply fails to gain enough traction as hoped, could hinder long-term growth.

6. Fetch.AI: Build the intelligent economy of tomorrow

Fetch.AI is a revolutionary force focused on fostering an AI-driven digital economy. It seamlessly connects devices, services, and people to facilitate automated and decentralized transactions. Earning the title of the next big cryptocurrency to explode from analysts, Fetch is more than a blockchain. Its a space where AI forms an optimized, self-operating system that provides unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation.

Why could Fetch.AI be the next crypto to explode?

Fetch.AI has been under the radar for a few years now, and its quickly becoming one of the next hot cryptos to buy for 2024. Like SingularityNET, it stands to benefit massively from the surge in AI technology. A varied range of applications, from Internet of Things (IoT) to manufacturing and sales, and a partnership with tech giant Bosch, highlight how important Fetch.AI could be in an intelligent and autonomous era.

The risks involved

While Fetch.AI seems like a promising crypto to invest in, its integration with everyday life is a long way off right now. In the meantime, with AI rapidly evolving, theres no telling whether Fetch.AI will be able to keep up or fend off competition.

7. Polygon: Scaling Ethereum to new heights

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that offers faster transactions at lower costs while maintaining the security and compatibility of the Ethereum network. As one of the next big cryptocurrencies, Polygon is especially noteworthy for its high-profile partnerships. Meta chose Polygon for its venture into the NFT space, as did CoinTelegraph, Nike, and Reddit.

Why could Polygon be the next big cryptocurrency to explode?

The platform effectively addresses Ethereum&#39;s scalability challenges, which has led to an increasing adoption of dApps and projects. According to data from DeFiLlama, Polygon has surpassed Ethereum in terms of active users within the DeFi sector. At the time of writing, there were over 287,000 active addresses engaging with Polygon&#39;s DeFi solutions in the past 24 hours, while Ethereum had 286,000 active addresses during the same period.

While its total value locked (TVL) is still a fraction of Ethereum ($780 million vs. $21.18 billion), it highlights the growing importance of Polygon and its status as one of the next big crypto coins.

The risks involved

While Polygon&#39;s momentum is powerful, there are several layer-2 solutions all competing for market share: Arbitrum and Optimism are the biggest threats.

8. XRP: An institutional favorite

XRP, the native token of the Ripple network, was launched in 2012 to transform global finance by enabling fast, low-cost cross-border transactions. Positioning itself as a competitor to the SWIFT banking network, Ripple&#39;s system has been adopted by major financial institutions, including Santander and Standard Chartered Bank. Ripple received a significant boost in July 2023, when a U.S. District Judge ruled that XRP wasn&#39;t necessarily a security celebrated as a huge win by the cryptocurrency industry.

Why could XRP be the next crypto to explode?

Ripples original mission was bold, and it seems to be finally paying off. The recent legal victory led to a 70%+ surge in XRPs price, demonstrating how supportive investors are of Ripple. Its lightning-fast settlement times and minute fees make it a preferred choice for both individuals and businesses. While Ripple Labs isnt completely out of the woods yet, the legal standing seems to point in its favor.

The risks involved

While XRP is often touted as the next big cryptocurrency to explode after it scored a win against the SEC, Ripple execs Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse still face outstanding lawsuits. Litigation could suppress Ripples price and damage sentiment amongst the community.

How we determined the next big cryptocurrencies to explode

Determining the next big cryptocurrencies set to explode is no easy feat, especially when the selection includes both well-established names and rising stars still in their presale stage. Here&#39;s how we zeroed in on the contenders:

  • Availability: A crypto&#39;s accessibility across various exchanges or in presale plays a critical role. Higher availability means easier access for potential investors.

  • Market Capitalization: A high market cap often indicates a strong project with widespread investor support. For those in presale, we evaluated their market cap goals as a sign of ambition.

  • Long-Term Utility: What problems does the coin solve? A cryptocurrency with a well-defined, long-term use case has a better chance of sustained growth.

  • Underrated Prices: The projects still in presale stages or with significantly lower market prices were scrutinized. Low prices combined with strong fundamentals can result in explosive growth.

  • Community Engagement: A highly engaged community can not only be a measure of a crypto&#39;s current standing but also serve as an engine for its future growth.

What are the things to consider when investing in cryptocurrency?

Before taking the plunge with any of these crypto projects, its crucial to arm yourself with some key knowledge that can help you pick winners and protect your portfolio from losses.

  • Your Budget: Determine how much you&#39;re willing to invest. This should be an amount you can afford to lose without financial distress.

  • Risk Tolerance: Crypto investments can offer incredible rewards but come with high risks. Understand your own level of risk tolerance to decide which types of coins suit your investment profile.

  • Coin Use Cases: Investigate the practical applications of the coin, usually found in the projects whitepaper. Does it solve a real-world problem or offer a unique service? Cryptocurrencies with strong use cases are generally more stable and have higher growth prospects.

  • Security and Regulation: Research the regulatory environment of the coin in question. Is it compliant with current laws? Also, what security protocols does it employ?

  • Market Timing: Timing the market is often tricky. If you can afford to invest in crypto regularly and HODL until a bull market materializes, this will often be a much better approach than hoping for quick gains.

  • Asset Diversification: Don&#39;t put all your eggs in one basket. Consider diversifying your investments, both across different cryptos and different asset types, to balance risk and reward.

The bottom line

In closing, this article has hopefully given you a better idea of the next big cryptocurrencies that could skyrocket in 2024. Considerable effort went into researching and evaluating each cryptocurrency project, and these eight werent decisions taken lightly.

Each coin has its own unique strengths and opportunities for growth. If any caught your eye, its certainly worth taking a closer, more in-depth look to see if theyre right for your portfolio. Wondering where to start? These three could be the next big coins in 2024 and beyond:

  1. Memeinator

  2. Shiba Memu

  3. Ethereum

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