Light Up Halloween with ScottEffx’s flickerSong: A Spooky Spectacle

USA – As Halloween approaches, many exciting activities loom on the horizon. In anticipation of this thrilling holiday season, ScottEffx is offering its innovative product, flickerSong, designed to infuse life into the festivities. Offering versatility and elegance, this lightweight marvel caters to a diverse clientele, extending its charm to homes, schools, restaurants, and various other establishments.

flickerSong transforms the Halloween experience by crafting a captivating music light show. The radiance, gracefully emanating from the LED string lights, dances in perfect harmony with the musical beats. Equipped with eight independent outlets, each accommodating three standard LED strings, the product can effortlessly handle 24 strings of lights, ensuring a dazzling spectacle.

Delivering flicker-free light show effects, including short bursts, lightning-fast flashes, gradual fades, and various brightness fluctuations, flickerSong has something for everyone. Whether it is homeowners delighting trick-or-treaters or businesses capitalizing on the Halloween Season, the vibrancy of flickerSong is bound to leave a lasting impression.

For the artistic souls seeking to compose their unique light shows, flickerSong provides seamless integration with digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools. Control is achieved through the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), allowing for a customizable experience. For convenience, ScottEffx offers the ScottEffx App. This is a free application compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices, enabling users to play the music light show MP3 like any other media. This level of flexibility makes flickerSong a valuable tool for seasoned professionals and aspiring artists.

Customization takes center stage as users can employ their preferred photographs, adorning them with LED string lights through the ScottEffx App or other software applications such as GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. This innovative feature empowers clients to visualize the light show before a single string of lights is even hung, ensuring a personalized Halloween scene that is truly unique.

flickerSong offers a full-service dimmer, an event timer, and automatic NIST time synchronization upon startup. This allows users to set predefined dim states and create up to 10 timer events each day. Furthermore, the user can program the light show sequence without music at specific times or intervals, delivering an all-encompassing lighting experience.

flickerSong’s versatility extends beyond Halloween, making it an ideal choice for Christmas music light shows and other festive occasions. This exceptional product is the brainchild of Scott Burkhart, the founder and owner of ScottEffx. With a background as an Engineer and Laser Scientist at a prestigious Livermore government laboratory, Scott has vast knowledge and experience.

Get to learn more about ScottEffx by calling (925) 202-8852 or visiting their website. Their office is located in Livermore, CA, USA.

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