“MEI” at Mid-Autumn, Moutai’s International Distributors Launch a Series of Activities for the Festival

Newyork-The “Mid-Autumn Festival” is the most valued traditional festival in China. People look forward to the family reunion accompanied by tasty food and drinks under the bright full moon. Chinese Baijiu culture has become an indispensable part of the traditional Mid-Autumn culture.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2023, Moutai launched a Mid-Autumn marketing campaign with the theme, “Shared Moonlight, Shared MEI” together with its international distributors. With Moutai products as media, people celebrated the festival of reunion around the globe, which enriched the expression of Moutai’s “MEI”. Best wishes from Moutai were delivered to global consumers.


Reunite at Mid-Autumn, Share the Nostalgia

Cambodian distributors helped Fujian Association in Cambodia by holding a dinner party to “celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day of China”. With tasty liquor as the medium, people shared nostalgic feelings. A large Moutai-themed background panel and a display of Moutai products were offered at the dinner party, providing “Moutai fans” in Cambodia with an immersive experience of the festival. Moutai cocktails in multiple flavors attracted many people’s attention. “Harmony” is emphasized at this festival. The dinner party held by Moutai has infused new vitality to the friendship between China and Cambodia.


Tasty Liquor and Fine Cars, Famous Chefs and Delicious Cuisines

Lamborghini launched a new sports car at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Kim Sing Co., Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean distributor of Moutai joined hands with Lamborghini for a high-end, elegant journey of tasting Moutai products with Chinese characteristics. Chaoshan mooncakes with Chinese Moutai, egg yolk, and taro paste stuffing, special Moutai cocktails, and special desserts and ice creams integrated with Chinese Moutai liquor made by Michelin chefs were provided on-site, adding sweetness and aroma to the event. The present guests had delicacies and Moutai liquor while appreciating the full moon. Their experience of the era of beauty and the life of beauty enriched the expression of Moutai’s “MEI”.

In the meantime, China Liquor Ltd. of Singapore held an unforgettable Mid-Autumn banquet at SAFRA Mount Faber. A Mid-Autumn-themed background panel was set up for guests to take photos. The extraordinary performances and the aromatic Moutai liquor created a harmonious atmosphere of reunion at the Mid-Autumn Festival. The traditional customs of Mid-Autumn and the “MEI” culture of Moutai were integrated at the banquet, giving the guests a good memory of the festival.


Celebrate the Reunion and the Festival

The full moon is shared while tasting delicacies. Swiss distributors held a Mid-Autumn-themed publicity event at the campus of China Europe International Business School in Zurich. The guests tasted Moutai liquor, made mooncakes, had Moutai cakes, and listened to the stories about Moutai at the lively event. By making mooncakes—the delicacy exclusive to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the guests felt the good wish for reunion embodied in the festival.


Blooming Flowers and Full Moon Witness Happiness

Togolese distributors presented the guests with mooncakes and good wishes at a tasting event with the theme, “Shared Moonlight, Shared MEI”. A Moutai cocktail tasting area was set up at the reception area. “Moutai fans” were amazed at the new cocktails. Famous Togolese singers performed the “Song of Moutai” specially written for Moutai and a Chinese song, A Night with Blooming Flowers and a Full Moon. The melodious songs integrating Mid-Autumn and Moutai elements struck emotional chords among the Togolese friends. More international friends got to know Moutai liquor and the Chinese culture that it embodied.


Bright Moon, Infinite Happiness

Fijian distributors held a grand luncheon with the theme, “Shared Moonlight, Shared MEI” at the Vineyard Palace Restaurant in Suva to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day of China. A display of Moutai products provided “Moutai fans” in Fuji with direct experience of the cultural connotations of Moutai’s “MEI”. The guests were warmly received by the staff in costumes of ethnic minorities. Traditional Chinese festive performances such as lion dance, drum beating, and Chinese zither playing were the highlights of the event. The guests tasted the aromatic Moutai liquor and experienced the fun of celebrating the two Chinese festivals in a joyous atmosphere.


Accompanied by the Full Moon, the Future is Promising

The bright moon hangs in the autumn sky, and the radiance is wet with dew. Distributors of the UAE and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UAE co-hosted a Mid-Autumn-themed dinner party at the Hong Kong Hotel in Dubai. Numerous guests gathered together to taste the good liquor, the exquisite food, and the delicious mooncakes while appreciating the bright full moon. By celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival together, they looked forward to an even brighter future.

Though miles apart, we are under the same sky and appreciating the same moon. Under the same moonlight, Moutai’s international distributors have written a new legend of Moutai with culture as the brush and ink and international exchanges as the paper. Moutai is so much more than a bottle of liquor. It is a shiny business card that embodies traditional Chinese culture. By promoting mutual learning among civilizations and deepening international cultural cooperation and exchanges, Moutai has been continuously and effectively facilitating the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture. Together with its international distributors, Moutai will keep developing international markets, innovating and enriching the cultural connotations of the “MEI” of Moutai, and spreading the seeds of “MEI” all over the world.

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