Pony Run prediction–will the pony become the next dark horse?

Recently, Pony Run –a block chain game product that combines DeFi+NFT+DAO was born. As soon as the beta version was launched, it attracted the attention of many currency users. Different from traditional block chain games, this is a new type of game that combines NFT functions. Users can also earn substantial profits while having fun, and obtain unique and valuable Swift horse (SHO) cards.The CryptoKitties of the big fire in 2017 have created extremely high value in just one year, and the future of PONY is promising! Today, I will give you a brief introduction to this game and how to play.

What is Pony Run?

Pony Run is a decentralized game of horse breeding and horse racing jointly created by the Connectome Japan team and the pony running team. Each pony has a unique genome, which can determine its appearance and Attributes. Players can create unique and rare horses by purchasing and breeding horses. Players’ horses can compete with other players in various racecourses to obtain generous rewards.

How to participate in the game?

Enter Pony Run from mainstream wallets (game link https://ponyrun.finance/#/ ), lock up Tokens such as CNTM, UNI, ETH, USDT or liquidity proof (LP Token) for mining, and produce mares and CNTM . After the mares produced by mining are paired with the platform stallions, they will produce offspring, which can then participate in the next fun horse racing game and have the opportunity to obtain high value-added Swift horse. At the same time, the CNTM produced by mining is issued to the user’s wallet as a pledge reward. This is different from the common single currency reward mining game in the market. The dual currency reward system greatly enhances the playability and interest of the game and gives it Its higher value.

According to the official introduction, each time the mare obtained from the lock-up is paired with the stallion, it costs 0.5 CNTM and gets 10 pony. After the player gets the pony, he can go to the racecourse to start the promotion tour. To advance to swift horse and get the final generous reward, you need to go through two rounds of competition.

Good horse advanced competition: Decimal one competition system, 5 CNTM tickets, one-click horse racing. The winner gets a good horse; the loser’s sub-horse is destroyed and gets 5.25 CNTM event incentives.

Swift horse Advanced competition: Decimal-one tournament system, 8 CNTM tickets, one-click horse racing. The winner gets the Swift and loses 8 CNTM; the loser returns 50% of the tickets, and the other 50% is compensated for the project tokens on the next online platform.

  1. How many games a player participates in depends on how many ponies or good horses he has, and every game is fun. Players can experience the thrill of promotion and victory from every game. Even if they lose the game, the platform will give players incentives for the game, and the cost of the game is almost negligible.Regarding the token ecology, the ecosystem of Swift horse(SHO) tokens is widely used:

1. 40% of all consumption and tickets and 40% of transaction fees will be evenly distributed to SHO holders as dividends;

2. As a non-homogeneous token (NFT), (SHO) is different and unique in the world. Users can sign their own SHO;

3. SHO has collection value and transaction value, and will be launched on the world’s largest NFT trading market OPENSEA for free trading;

4. The Pony run platform will continue to launch other more interesting projects, and will collect 0.5% of the project’s TOKEN as a dividend to be evenly distributed to Shallow Horse (SHO) holders, and as compensation for the rights of the losers of the better horse’s advanced Shallow Horse racing system ;

5. SHO will be used to vote for new projects to launch a comprehensive platform for Pony Run.

6. Holders use SHO to mine the profit will be higher.

The value of the game, staking mining can get CNTM (100% annualized income) and mare,the pony born by the mare can create secondary income in the game, and finally the champion Swift horse participates in the pledge mining Mines can get rich rewards. For block chain gamers, the value created by the game more than the game itself, both to experience the fun of the game, but also enjoy the game several times earnings.

So far, the Pony Run game has realized the pledge mining function, and the one-click horse racing function is being tested. After the function test is completed, it will be launched. In this NFT competition, Pony Run is ready to go, and it is urgent to sprint to become a dark horse. The future of Pony Run can be expected!

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