The milestone is coming, and the BAS Blockchain Global Summit Forum comes to a successful conclusion!

On March 10, 2021, the BAS Blockchain Global Summit Forum, themed by Trend Empowering New Economy and Jointly Innovating and Exhibiting the Future, came to a successful conclusion in Haikou, a national-level blockchain base.

A number of invited guests attended the BAS Global Launch Conference, including Zhang Yongxing, researcher of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Zhu Youping, deputy director of the Blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association, and dean of the School of Digital Economics, Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association Dr. Cheng Xiaoming, Ph.D. in Economics Liu Changyong from Peking University, Manager Yu, founder of BAS Public Chain, David, Dean of BAS Business School, and Dai Feiqing, founder of Alibaba Sesame Credit, and many other heavyweight leaders.

At the meeting, guests focused on blockchain to discuss the development of digital economy around topics such as new public chains, new economies, new species, and new eras, and capture the future value trend of the digital economy era for us. The following is the BAS public chain selected the essence of the big coffee thoughts in the 8-hour industry ceremony, and we will reminisce and appreciate together with you.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Ma of the BAS public chain gave an opening speech with passion and fired the first shot of the entire summit.

Afterwards, Mr. David, Dean of BAS Business School, gave a wonderful sharing with everyone. It shared the development history of the blockchain and the core standards of the blockchain 4.0 era. At the same time, it elaborated on the technical support of BAS as well as a wide range of application scenarios and business logic.

Zhang Yongxing from the Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council shared on the development of blockchain technology. He said that the blockchain is a neutral technology, and the issue of Bitcoin should not be borne by the blockchain. The issuance of the blockchain should be carried out under the strict management of the government and based on real money. He believes that in order to allow blockchain technology to return to its true value, it must develop rationally and healthily in its application.

Liu Changyong, Ph.D. of Economics at Peking University, mentioned in a speech that more and more universities and enterprises are beginning to study blockchain and offer courses. Blockchain is a comprehensive innovation. The current blockchain technology must be combined with entities for commercial applications to reach a new level. As a senior popular science scholar in the blockchain field, Liu Changyong believes that BAS’s payment system provides a scenario and product where blockchain technology can be commercialized on a large scale.

In the afternoon session of the collision of ideas and in-depth exchanges, the meeting almost reached its climax, and many heavy guests all appeared on the stage. How can the picture be a good word.

Cheng Xiaoming, deputy director of the Blockchain Special Committee of China Communications Industry Association, and Dean of the Digital Economics School of Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association, explains blockchain from economics and finance, and how blockchain technology can transform and empower blockchain entity. When it comes to the BAS public chain, Dr. Cheng Xiaoming believes that it is in line with national policies to use blockchain technology to empower entities and transform and upgrade the chain; at the same time, BAS’s cross-border payment system will lead a new era in the blockchain industry.

Afterwards, the founder of the Aliren Blockchain Alliance and the founder of Alibaba Sesame Credit Dai celebrated on stage to give a speech and talked about Ali and the big dream of blockchain. He started from Alibaba and talked about the importance of choosing the outlet industry. At present, the BAS public chain has stood at the outlet of the non-blockchain industry. He also analyzed technology applications and compared the success of Alibaba. BAS will also achieve great success in the future with mature technology and applications.

Regarding new finance and new payments, Zhu Youping, a well-known blockchain economist and deputy director of the Blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association, also expressed his insights. He first praised the phenomenon that the chain reform is the driving force of the blockchain to empower the real economy, and said that with the improvement of digital technology, more blockchain applications will be launched, and BAS cross-border payment will be a very powerful A full range of blockchain application tools.

Finally, Mr. Yu, the founder of BAS public chain, talked about the technical concept and future vision of BAS public chain. After sharing BAS’s plans for the next two years, the atmosphere of the meeting reached a climax again. BAS said that in addition to technological innovation, BAS also has a clear development direction: BAS is a token economic chain, a payment chain, and a world-class token network with huge potential. BAS hopes to use its technical strength to promote the integration of the blockchain industry and modern commercial finance in the future, and to truly empower the encrypted payment field, so as to subvert the traditional industrial chain and business form.

The BAS public chain sits on the three must-win elements of the right time, the right place, and the strategist, and it will be invincible in the future. Tianshi, who conforms to the general trend of the global digital economy and open finance; the geographical advantage is to establish the global operation center in Hainan, the capital of China’s blockchain; Renhe is the consensus of millions of people around the world,

Those who gain the path will help more, and those who fail are few. The BAS public chain is the gainer in the blockchain field and the master of inclusive finance!

As the holding of this summit forum and the base camp of the BAS public chain, under the support of a series of policies, Hainan will quickly gather the blockchain industry and talents in the future, give full play to the advantages of talents and industry, and it is expected that Hainan will become the blockchain industry in my country. Industry high ground, and at the same time leading the pace of blockchain advancement on a global scale, this is really powerful for the development of BAS public chain.

For the long-term development of the BAS public chain, this summit forum is undoubtedly a landmark meeting. I believe that in the future, in the global and far-reaching strategic layout, there will be continuous bright spots and new ideas. The curtain of the conference is slowly falling, BAS’s new journey of blockchain will begin again, and what we can do is to live up to our mission and move forward! Welcome to join the mighty army of BAS consensus and conspire together!

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